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Sunday, February 27, 2022


Boys Basketball District Matchups and Early Thoughts.

Written by Sammy Taormina

Written Sunday February 27th at 11:45 AM

Here are the Boys Basketball district matchups and early thoughts. My co-host Ian Locke and I will talk these districts more on the podcast.

District 4 @ Davison


OXFORD vs Flint Kearsley

OXFORD/Flint Kearsley vs Davison


Lapeer vs Grand Blanc


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a very interesting district at Davison. Grand Blanc is the overwhelming favorite despite being the defending Division One State Champs. There are some teams that could give the Bobcats some trouble. Davison and Lapeer have played the Bobcats very tough in the Saginaw Valley League. Oxford is the darkhorse with everything they have went through in the last four months emotionally and mentally. The Wildcats have a very interesting matchup with Flint Kearsley in the first round. If Oxford beats the Hornets they would play Davison in the district semifinals. They could give the Cardinals some problems. The Wildcats are playing with everything to gain and nothing to lose. Grand Blanc has a rematch with the Lightning in the district semifinals which is a very interesting matchup. Until otherwise though this is the Bobcats district to lose.



District 5 @ Romeo





Romeo vs Utica Eisenhower

Romeo/Utica Eisenhower vs LAKE ORION


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is setting up to be a very interesting district at Romeo. Adams is the early favorite with the experience they have but the Highlanders have been around 500 most of the season in the tough Red despite having the number two seed. Lake Orion has been a very interesting story this season. The Dragons changed coaches during mid-season and have turned things around to be in the thick of the White race and the top seed in the district. Rochester had a rough patch of injuries but have turned things around and is in the thick of the Blue race. Stoney Creek will be a tough out for anyone. Romeo has been hot and cold despite winning the MAC White. The Bulldogs have been playing around 500 lately in the MAC Tournament. Utica Eisenhower has also been hot and cold this season and have also been playing 500 in the MAC Tournament. If Adams wants to get back to the district finals they would have to repeat their Rochester dominance against their city rivals to get there and the Falcons will be healthy if they meet in the district semifinals. Utica Eisenhower and Romeo split their MAC White matchups so that will be a very interesting first round matchup. Whoever wins that matchup will have a very interesting matchup with Lake Orion in the district semifinals. This should be a fun district to watch.



District 6 @ Waterford Mott


Waterford Kettering vs AVONDALE

Waterford Kettering/AVONDALE vs CLARKSTON


PONTIAC vs Waterford Mott


EARLY THOUGHTS: If you told me that Waterford Mott would be the number one seed in a district that includes Clarkston, I would had said “you’re kidding yourself” but here they are with the top seed and they host their district. The Corsairs have a very difficult district semifinal matchup with Pontiac in the district semifinals. The Phoenix are a Jekyll and Hyde team however they are always dangerous come postseason time. Clarkston is the number two seed in the district and have played a really tough schedule. The Wolves haven’t been themselves lately but that could change with them being healthy with Keegan Waslik back from an ankle injury. Avondale has Waterford Kettering in the first round with that winner seeing Clarkston in the district semifinals. I believe it will be a Waterford Mott/Wolves district final. When healthy Clarkston is the team to beat and they still are.



District 26 @ Royal Oak


ROYAL OAK vs Detroit Renaissance

ROYAL OAK/Detroit Renaissance vs Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit


BERKLEY vs Detroit Mumford

BERKLEY/Detroit Mumford vs OAK PARK


EARLY THOUGHTS: This could be a fun district to watch at Royal Oak. Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit is the top seed in the district but keep an eye on Oak Park. The Knights are the second seed in the district and is motivated more than ever to get another shot at the Cubs after losing in double overtime in the district semifinals. They could get that chance in the district finals pending if they get there. Detroit Renaissance has been struggling which is a concern heading into the postseason. Despite their struggles they are a very dangerous team no matter where they are at and could pose problems for Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit in the district semifinals pending if they get by Royal Oak in the first round. The Ravens are having a bounce back season and also have home court. They could upset the Phoenix if they are not careful in the first round. Berkley is having a good season as well. The Bears have a very interesting first round matchup with Detroit Mumford. The Mustangs are quietly having a good season. I think there are three teams that could win this district.



District 27 @ North Farmington





Redford Thurston vs NORTH FARMINGTON


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is not a strong district when looking at the teams in this district. North Farmington is the favorite with their experience, home court, and talent. The Raiders should have no problem with Redford Thurston in the district semifinals. Livonia Stevenson is the second seed in the district despite having an average season. Farmington is the wildcard despite having a really rough season in the Red. The Falcons have the talent to get to the district finals. Southfield Arts and Tech has had a season to forget but could make up for it in the postseason.The Spartans need to be on upset alert in the district semifinals. I don’t really see any of the three teams mentioned beating North Farmington. This district is the Raiders to lose.



District 28 @ West Bloomfield






GROVES/SEAHOLM vs Birmingham Brother Rice


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a really tough district when looking at the teams. The two Catholic League powers are be seeded but the team to really watch is Bloomfield Hills. The Blackhawks could pose a big problem for Orchard Lake St. Marys in the district semifinals. Groves is another team to watch as they gave Birmingham Brother Rice everything they could handle last season in the district semifinals and it could be a repeat if they meet. Seaholm has surprised some folks especially with their league play but it’s a tough matchup for them against Groves in the first round. West Bloomfield has had a really rough year but they are talented and athletic. They gave Bloomfield Hills everything they could handle a few weeks ago and they will rematch on the blacktop in the first round. I know everyone has talked about the Eaglets and the talent they have but Birmingham Brother Rice, Bloomfield Hills, and Groves could have very strong says in this district.



District 29 @ Troy


TROY vs Warren Cousino

TROY/Warren Cousino vs TROY ATHENS


Warren Woods Tower vs Warren Mott

Warren Mott/Warren Woods Tower vs Warren De LaSalle


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is going to be a very interesting district at Troy. Warren De LaSalle and Troy Athens are the seeded teams but Troy is very dangerous and they host the district. Troy Athens snuck into the second seed after the Colts fell to Lake Orion and the Red Hawks senior night blowout over Seaholm on Friday night. The Pilots are loaded with talent and experience and should be the favorite in this district however the Colts or Red Hawks could give them some trouble in the district finals. It should be an easy path for Warren De LaSalle. The Pilots should get by either Warren Woods Tower or Warren Mott in the district semifinals. The most interesting game should be the Colts and the Red Hawks in the district semifinals pending if Troy can get by Warren Cousino in the first round which is a tricky matchup. The Colts also beat Troy Athens earlier in the season. This should be a fun district to watch but three teams really stand out.



District 58 @ Birmingham Detroit Country Day


FERNDALE UNIVERSITY vs Detroit Jalen Rose Academy

FERNDALE UNIVERSITY/Detroit Jalen Rose Academy vs Birmingham Detroit Country Day


Detroit Old Redford vs FERNDALE


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district finals between Ferndale and Birmingham Detroit Country Day pending if both teams get there. The Eagles and Yellow Jackets are both senior heavy teams and are seeded in the district. Ferndale University is the wildcard in this district. The Eagles have been playing much better. They should beat Detroit Jalen Rose Academy in the first round. Ferndale University could pose some problems for the Yellow Jackets in the district semifinals. The Eagles should have no problem with Detroit Old Redford in the district semifinals. Until otherwise this is a two team district.



District 60 @ Eastpointe


Detroit Denby vs Detroit Osborn

Detroit Denby/Detroit Osborn vs Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy


HARPER WOODS vs Eastpointe

HARPER WOODS/Eastpointe vs St. Clair Shores South Lake


EARLY THOUGHTS: This should be a very interesting district at Eastpointe. St. Clair Shores South Lake has the top seed in the district while Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy has the second seed in the district. The Cavaliers and Eagles are also the favorites to get to the district finals. Keep a close eye on Harper Woods and Detroit Denby. They are more than capable of knocking off the seeded teams in the district semifinals if they can win their respective first round matchups. Eastpointe could give the Pioneers some trouble in the first round because of home court. Detroit Osborn and Detroit Denby know each other this season playing in the Detroit Public School League. I see four teams having good shots to win this district.


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