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COVID-19 NEWS/Videos

 NOTICE: ONTV Studio Closure

Due to COVID-19, the ONTV Studios will be closed to the public until further notice. Staff will be working remotely during the hours of 10AM – 6PM Monday-Thursday and Fridays 10AM – 4PM.  Our phone lines are open during these posted hours for you to contact us or leave a message: 248-393-1060.

Staff will continue to post important OFFICIAL messages, videos, and programming from our Federal, State, County, and Township authorities to our website HERE, and to our Government Channel: Comcast Ch.20,  AT&T U-Verse Ch.99, and to ONTV’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you need immediate medical assistance call 911.  If you are elderly and need assistance with food, toiletries, and other necessities, call the Township HOT Line at: 248-391-0304 EXT 3507 or Email your needs to:  HELP@oriontownship.org

ONTV is working closely with the Orion Township COVID-19 Response Team.  Our goal is to give all Lake Orion residents clear, up-to-date, OFFICIAL information as quickly as possible.

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