About Classes and Workshops
ONTV offers classes and workshops in audio/video production throughout the year for residents and non-residents alike. Classes range from a couple of hours all the way up to 10 weeks depending on the subject matter. Classes are taught at a beginner level, but for advanced users, the ONTV staff can work with you to hone your skills as well! Classes are open to ages 12 and up. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Those who complete the 10-week Video Production course are considered ONTV volunteers! Volunteers are the heart of ONTV! Volunteers are approved to check out field equipment, reserve studio and editing time, attend Volunteer only events and workshops at no added cost. ONTV calls on our Volunteers to help us shoot news stories, studio shows, concerts, graduations, sporting events, plus much more.
Classes are updated throughout the year. Call ONTV at 248-393-1060 for class schedules.



10 Week Video Production Class $55
10 week studio and field production course. Learn the basics of how a studio show is produced, edited, and televised. 12 seat limit.

About this Event

12 seat Maximum. Groups contact ONTV at 248-393-1060 for Private Classes.

This 10 week course on basic video production will cover the following topics:

  • Studio equipment operation: Cameras, audio mixers, video switchers
  • Hosting and Producing
  • Directing and Crewing
  • Operation Field Cameras, Tripods, Microphones, and Lights
  • Basic Video Editing and Finishing

After you complete this course you’re welcome to volunteer as crew on shows shot in our studio, or start your own program. The ONTV staff professionals will be with you every step of the way!

Classes meet on Mondays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

FEES: $55 per person.

Call to reserve your seat. 248-393-1060.

Open to all Orion residents, and non-residents.

All sales are final.


Next class starts on Monday, June 5th 2023.


Sign up online or call ONTV at 248-393-1060 to reserve your seat.


Podcasting Class $25
Learn to create your own Podcast at Orion Neighborhood Television.

About this Event

Learn to make your very own Podcast at Orion Neighborhood Television. This ONE night course covers:

  • Basic Audio Production
  • Mixing Console Operation
  • Hosting and Proper Microphone Use

Classes are limited to  1 (ONE) student for hands-on training. The class concludes after creating a demo show of your own.

After completing this class, students are now registered volunteers with ONTV who can produce their very own podcast at no continuing cost.

Great for students 13 and up, retirees, or anyone who wants to speak their mind.

ONTV staff will help you every step of the way!

Class Fee: $25

All sales are final.

Groups are welcome for schedule private classes. Call 248-393-1060 for more information.


NOW ENROLLING: Sign Up By Calling 248-393-1060


Afternoon and Evening Classes are Available.


Workshops $125
ONTV Holds Workshops Throughout the Year. 
If your organization would like to sign up for our small group training workshop, call today!
We will gear the workshop for your specific needs.

ONTV’s trained local groups to : Live Stream Church Services, Produce Podcasts, Produce TV Shows, and Produce Public Service Announcements.

Great for:

-Church Groups



-Student Groups


Call for Prices: 248-393-1060.


2023 Kids Video Camp **CALL FIRST**


KIDS CAMP: Call Before Paying: 248-393-1060
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Call ONTV to reserve your seat today 248-393-1060.

The Local Voice: Internet Radio

Certified ONTV volunteers can produce their own podcast programs! Each program will run on the Local Voice internet radio station and as background sound for our message board slides.