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Latest News

Governor Whitmer announces “Futures for Frontliners,” a G.I. bill program for essential workers

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a series of initiatives to help Michigan workers and their families during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including the “Futures for Frontliners” program to provide a tuition-free pathway to college or a technical certificate to essential workers who don’t have a college degree.

Governor Whitmer takes significant step to make child care affordable and accessible for families

Michigan has created the “Child Care Relief Fund” to provide direct, non-competitive grants to child care providers. The Child Care Relief Fund consists of $100 million in federal CARES Act funding and $30 million from the state’s child care fund, both dedicated to be used only for child care services.

MDHHS develops resource guide to support family well-being during COVID-19 emergency

The guide features practical tips on ways to support vulnerable families. It includes recommended questions to help understand the needs of potentially at-risk caregivers and children. It also provides statewide resources available to families who might have concerns about food, housing, mental health, finances or safety.

Residents spending more time at home can save on energy costs; MDHHS weatherization assistance program offers tips

With Michigan families staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19 and a colder-than-average spring, households may find their heating bills higher than usual and the air quality inside their home decreasing. Michigan’s Weatherization Assistance Program at MDHHS has some tips to help.

MDHHS and courts partner to return children home from foster care safely during COVID-19 pandemic

More than 200 children in Michigan’s foster care system have been identified as being close to being able to return home to one or both parents. Child welfare officials and the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) want to help them achieve that goal within the next month, if not sooner.

Take Action – How You Can Help

Virtual Food Drive

MDHHS and the Food Bank Council are asking Michigan residents to make monetary donations on the virtual food drive website to help Michiganders access food during this time.

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities

You can make a difference to fight and slow the spread of COVID-19. Your time, talent and donations will have an impact now.


Mental Health Resources

If you’re feeling emotional distress caused by COVID-19, this page offers many ways you can connect to emotional-support services without leaving home.

COVID-19 Test Finder

Get information on coronavirus testing near you.

Social Media Images and Messaging

Updated images and messaging is available on the website for you to download and share on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MDHHS has put together frequently asked questions about the coronavirus disease that will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

Executive Orders & Directives

An updated list of the COVID-19 Executive Orders and Directives.