Third Round of Child Care Grants to Expand Options

Third Round of Child Care Grants to Expand Options

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August 10, 2022



Gov. Whitmer Announces Third Round of Child Care Grants to Expand Options and Lower Costs for Working Families 

Licensed child care programs are eligible for Child Care Stabilization Grants to fund quality, affordable care, lower costs, and help parents get back to work


LANSING, Mich.  Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the launch of the third round of the Child Care Stabilization Grant program, which will award nearly $200 million to licensed child care providers to strengthen their programs and help lower costs for working families.


“High-quality, affordable child care is foundational to our economy. Parents rely on child care so they can go to work knowing that their kids are safe,” said Governor Whitmer. “As a working mom, I know firsthand the importance of having a top-notch early educators to take care of your children when they’re young. That’s why I’m continuing to fight to support child care professionals and the child care industry. I was proud to work across the aisle to make game-changing investments in our childcare providers and professionals in the bipartisan budget I signed just a few weeks ago. Thanks to our bipartisan efforts, we have expanded low- or no-cost child care to 150,000 more kids and are helping new providers open across Michigan. I urge providers to take apply for the grant so they can continue serving their communities and helping young Michiganders thrive.”


“Early childhood is my passion and I have always believed and understood the importance of the early childhood profession.  I want to say thank you to the State of Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Great Start to Quality, Michigan Department of Education, and all the politicians who decided to agree to get things done for all the early childhood educators, children, and families in Michigan,” said Cassandra Rice, owner and operator of Our Kidz World Learning Center in Detroit. “The decisions that were made as a collective group, relating to the funding of grant funds helped to keep my childcare center open as well as others.  The funding help to provide the continuance of a high quality, safe, and healthy environment for children, families, and employees.”


“I am a new child care provider and the idea of caring for and developing children has been a dream of mine for years.  I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family, I had a great high paying job, but decided to pursue opening my daycare business,” said Nicole Florez, a home-based child care provider in Muskegon County. “This grant allowed me to purchase needed items for everyday use as well as a few mortgage payments as I started this new endeavor. I started this business hoping to impact children’s lives for the better and help parents. I am so grateful for this and future grants so I can continue to learn and play and develop and do such an important rewarding career.”


Child Care Stabilization Grants

The Child Care Stabilization Grant is a non-competitive grant available to approximately 8,000 licensed centers, group homes, family homes, and tribal childcare providers to be used to support operational expenses. All eligible applicants will receive funding. Applications open today and are available through September 9th. Providers can learn more and apply at


In the first two rounds of the Child Care Stabilization Grants, nearly 6,000 child care providers received funding and 38,000 childcare professionals received bonuses.

  • 5,890 providers received funding
  • Average awards:
  • Center: $108,685
  • Group home: $20,454
  • Family home: $10,763
  •  5,544 providers received funding
  • Average awards:
  • Center: $120,697
  • Group home: $21,777
  • Family home: $11,394


Child Care Stabilization Grants have been awarded to child care businesses in all 83 counties with a total investment to date of $730 million.


Lowering Costs for Families

These grants are part of a $1.4 billion investment to expand access to quality, affordable childcare and get Michigan families back to work. Child care is often the largest expense in a family’s budget and 40% of Michigan families with kids under age 12 are now eligible for free or low-cost child care. To qualify, families must:

  • Have a child under age 13
  • Need childcare because they’re working or going to school
  • Have a qualifying income.  Your monthly income must be less than $36,620 for a family of 2, $46,060 for a family of 3, or $55,500 for a family of 4.


Visit for a complete list of reasons families may qualify for low or no cost childcare and qualifying income levels for larger families. Families can apply for childcare support by visiting


Increasing Access to Care

While these grants help keep existing child care providers open, the state is also working to recruit new child care entrepreneurs. In May 2022, Governor Whitmer launched Caring for Mi Future—a $100 million strategy to open 1,000 new child care programs by the end of 2024. In collaboration with the Michigan Departments of Education and Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the state has brought on three partners to expand access to quality care statewide.

  • Early Childhood Investment Corporation to assist regions in responding to local child care needs, home-based business owners in strengthening their operations, and partners in creating and expanding child care apprenticeships.
  • First Children’s Finance to assist rural communities in responding to local child are needs and entrepreneurs as they create a business plan.
  • IFF to assist entrepreneurs with identifying and renovating facilities.


Additional grants and technical assistance will be available to entrepreneurs this fall.

2022 Football Uniform Grades

2022 Football Uniform Grades

Around the OAA.

This is a blog that is devoted to the OAA. We cover 23 schools from Oakland County to Wayne County. From Oxford to Harper Woods. This blog will give insight and projections around the OAA.

Friday, August 5, 2022

2022 Football Uniform Grades.

By Sammy Taormina

Written Friday August 5th at 8:30 PM

Here are my grades on the 2022 OAA Football uniforms heading into the season. Enjoy.


Clarkston (Uniform Provider-Nike): I really like the Wolves uniforms. The road uniforms are all white with blue numbering to go along with white pants with blue stripes on the sides. The blue Michigan helmet makes this look one of the best around the league. The home uniforms are solid as well with the all blue look even though I’m not a huge fan of the white trim on them. The all white look looks very good, wish they would bring back the name plates. GRADE A.

Lake Orion (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Dragons are going back old school with the football uniforms. The all green and all white with the green V-Neck look is classic Lake Orion. There are no stripes or no LO V-neck collar, just a simple classic look with names on the back. The only down side is the road uniforms say DRAGONS as well and not LAKE ORION. The pants have the classic stripes on the sides with the Dragons logo and the green helmet makes it a perfect uniform. Finally a jersey that Coach Chris Bell got right and it’s me approved. GRADE A.

Adams (Uniform Provider-Adidas): The Highlanders have a yellow helmet with the Adams A on one side and the player number on the other side. There was talk about putting the script Adams which I questioned why they would do that. The home yellow is okay but not great, it is an upgrade over the brown jerseys and white pants look and or the brown and yellow look. The road whites are different with the brown and yellow stripes on the elbows. They look very similar to the North Farmington jerseys. Adams completely changed the design. I’m not a fan of these jerseys, not at all. GRADE D.

West Bloomfield (Uniform Provider-Home/Road-Nike, Third Jersey-Russell Athletic): The Lakers haven’t changed much with their uniforms. The white pants are classic along with the green and white uniforms. The third uniforms are solid as well. The helmet needs work, great design but needs a paint job. Green helmet would be much better and smoother. GRADE A-

Stoney Creek (Uniform Provider- Home/Road-Under Armor, Third Jersey-Zenith): I really like the Cougars uniforms. They have name plates on the back and they can wear any pants whether gold, blue, or white. The helmet needs a redesign a little bit. I’m a fan of the gold helmet but not the design with the SC on one side and the player number on the other side. The Armor Up on the V-Neck looks very good. The traditions are great. I didn’t mention their military uniforms but they look very good as well. The third jersey is the all gold, I really like that jersey as well. Overall great uniform designs. GRADE A.

Oxford (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Wildcats have a classic simple uniform whether it’s the home blue or road white uniforms. They went with a yellow helmet which is different from past tradition when they wore blue helmets. The design needs some work with the O on one side and the player number on the other side. The simple plain uniform looks very nice especially with yellow or blue pants. Oxford should NEVER wear white pants under any circumstance. White pants have been bad luck in the past. GRADE A.



Harper Woods (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Pioneers have an interesting uniform combination. They have three helmets and a very good uniform design. I like the black and maroon helmet much better than their white helmets. The uniform top looks great whether if it’s maroon, black, or white jerseys and pants. The black or maroon helmets make the uniform look very strong but the white helmet, not so much. GRADE B.

Harper Woods Twitter.

Southfield Arts and Tech (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Warriors finally got out of the Adidas looks and went to Nike. They look so much better in the Nike uniforms but the helmet needs to go back to blue or something, white is not a good look for the helmet. Great uniform and pants but the helmet needs a paint job and quick. GRADE B.

Oak Park (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Knights changed uniforms last season. I really like the home red uniforms with the name OAK PARK on the crest with white pants with the Knights logo. The all white look looks great with the black helmets however the rumor on the street is that the Knights are going to white helmets. Overall I like the uniform design looks good but if they change to white helmets that’s a bit of a concern. GRADE B.

Groves (Uniform Provider-Nike, Third Jersey-Zenith): The Falcons have a great home uniform but a subpar road uniform. The green helmet is great with the old classic Atlanta Falcons bird on both sides of the helmet. The home green, gold, and black look is a great look for the Falcons. The road white uniforms are too plain. It’s not like two years ago with that look, now that was a great look, the current look not so much. The alternate uniforms look good, the yellow jerseys look solid with the Falcons wings on the top of the jerseys. Great design to say the least. GRADE B.

Rochester (Uniform Provider-Under Armor): The Falcons went back to tradition and no gimmicks. Rochester has an all blue uniform with a blue helmet and a road white look with a blue helmet. They have an alternate black look for a game if it’s a big one. I like that they finally figured out the uniform design and not go all Oregon like they did a few years ago which was the definition of fashion disaster. GRADE A.

Bloomfield Hills (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Blackhawks went back to black helmets which made the most sense and brought a black uniform with purple lettering. I like this uniform a lot. The white uniforms look solid as well for Coach Dan Loria with the helmet. I like the uniforms as mentioned. GRADE A.


North Farmington (Uniform Provider-Home/Road-Nike, Third Jersey-Zenith): The Raiders went with three jerseys last season. The all black uniforms look very good. I also liked their home and road uniforms. They have the right design on the helmet but need to repaint the helmet. I think a gold or brown would make most sense with their jerseys. The uniforms look very good but they need to repaint the helmets. GRADE B.

Seaholm (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Maples went back to Maple helmets and went with an all Maple look at home and all white on the road. I think its ok but it’s not like the uniforms from two years ago. I wished the Maple helmet were with the old uniforms of the past. It’s an ok look but the jerseys are too plain. GRADE B.

Troy (Uniform Provider-Home-Nike, Road-Adidas): The Colts home uniforms look very good with the all black with the names on the back of the uniforms. The road whites are a complete disaster. The Adidas logo shows front and center with the TROY name and numbering in black font with the Colts logo on the elbows. It’s not a good look. If there is a team that really needs to change their road uniforms, this is it. GRADE C.

Troy Athens (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Red Hawks classic uniform design I really like with the gold helmet, red jersey, and gold pants. It’s the traditional look. They will wear red pants at times as well. The all white on the road looks very strong as well. I would like for Coach Tom Cook to at least put a Red Hawk bird on the helmet and not an A. The names on the back of the uniforms are perfect. I love the Nike uniforms they wear. GRADE A.

Farmington (Uniform Provider-Nike): This is not the best design when it comes to uniforms. I don’t like the helmet being white but the Falcon wings make up for it. The all blue look looks very good but the helmet doesn’t click. If there is a team that could go back to a classic look like they did with the Penn State look then Farmington might have a great shot to do so. GRADE B.



Berkley (Uniform Provider-Nike): This is one of the best uniform combos. I really like the all maroon look with maroon pants and blue helmets. The road uniform looks sharp as well. Both have name plates on the back. The helmet fits really nicely. Great uniform, yes indeed. GRADE A.

Royal Oak (Uniform Provider-???): The Ravens went with new uniforms on media day. The new jerseys have the Ravens name in white with blue numbering. The elbows are much better with the blue, white, blue stripes. The road ones are the same design. They have a black helmet to go with it. I forgot the designer they told me. This is a much better look and they made a video about the new uniforms. GRADE A.

Royal Oak Twitter.

Ferndale (Uniform Provider-Nike): The Eagles changed uniforms last season going to an all brown look. They still have an all yellow look and an all white look as well. The helmet is dark brown which I really like a lot. This is a great uniform that can make the colors work to their advantage. GRADE A.

Pontiac (Uniform Provider-Home-Russell Athletic, Third Jersey-Zenith, Road-Nike): The Phoenix have a solid color scheme. Pontiac has their traditional home purple uniforms with black pants. They wore a new black uniform with purple wings on them during Media Day, I really like them a ton. The road is white with all white uniforms looks very solid. I like the purple helmet, it matches all three uniforms very well. Pontiac does have three different uniform providers but I’ll live with it. GRADE A.

Avondale (Uniform Provider-Home/Third Jersey-Nike, Road-Adidas): The Yellow Jackets changed their home uniforms last season. I really like their home purple uniforms with the yellow pants. It’s very classic. I am not a fan of their road uniforms. I think the AVONDALE name is too small with the Adidas logo front and center along with the white pants. The all black third jerseys looks sharp. I want them to change the road uniforms, they are in need of an upgrade. GRADE B-

Final Application Deadline for Michigan Parents’ Council

Final Application Deadline for Michigan Parents’ Council

Governor Whitmer Header


August 8, 2022



Gov. Whitmer Highlights Final Application Deadline for Michigan Parents’ Council

The Michigan Parents’ Council will center parent perspective in the policymaking process and formalize how parent recommendations are included in education policy decisions


LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer reminded Michigan parents and family members to submit applications to join the new Michigan Parents’ Council by 5PM on Monday, August 8. The governor established the Michigan Parents’ Council to center the parent perspective ahead of the 2022-2023 school year. Joining the council offers parents and family members a space to make their voices heard on state-level education issues in Michigan, including next year’s budget.


“Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, and their perspective is critical to ensure that the 2022-2023 school year is successful,” said Governor Whitmer. “As a mom, I was proud to establish the Michigan Parents’ Council last month. Parents will be a key ally as we help our kids keep learning in-person, tackle unfinished learning, and get back on track to pursue their potential. I look forward to working closely with the Michigan Parents’ Council and I encourage everyone who is invested in our children’s success to apply before Monday’s deadline.”


Please consider applying by 5PM on August 8 if you are:

  • A parent or family member with children in early childhood learning programs, elementary, middle, and/or high school
  • A parent or family member with students who have an Individualized Education Plan or Individualized Service Plan, who speak English as a second language, or who are in foster or kinship care.


Michigan parents and family members interested in appointment can apply at Click “Apply Now” and select “Michigan Parents’ Council” when prompted in the application. Applications are due by 5PM on Monday, August 8.


Michigan Parents’ Council



Seven parents or family members appointed by the governor will lead the council and convene regional roundtables with families across Michigan to bring in as many voices as possible. Appointees must have children enrolled in PreK-12 and represent diverse student experiences, including special education, English as second language students, and students in foster or kinship care. The council will also include the governor’s K-12 policy advisor and a designated representative of the Superintendent of Public Instruction from the Michigan Department of Education.



The council will convene roundtables of parents and family members across Michigan to strengthen partnerships between parents and schools. They will share input from the roundtables directly with the governor’s team and state superintendent. The council will submit a report to the governor highlighting major themes from the roundtables and summarizing proposals for inclusion in the governor’s budget recommendation by December 9, 2022.


The executive order establishing the Michigan Parents’ Council can be viewed by clicking here.


FY 2023 Education Budget Investments

Governor Whitmer’s recently signed bipartisan education budget is focused on six key sections: students, mental health, learning supports, student safety, school infrastructure, and teacher recruitment.


1) Students

For our students, the highest state per-pupil funding in Michigan history—$9,150 for every kid, in every public school district. Additional support for the nearly 200,000 special education students and 710,000 at-risk students in Michigan. Expanding funding for career and technical education programs by 27%.


2) Mental Health

Dedicated mental health dollars for every student in every school. Increasing funding for teen centers, district mental health grants, and TRAILS, which offers training to school mental health professionals so they can better serve students with evidence-based services.


3) Teacher Recruitment

Funding MI Future Educator Fellowships, which pay up to $10,000 in tuition for 2,500 future Michigan educators a year, $9,600 stipends a semester for student teachers, and Grow-Your-Own programs that help districts put support staff on no-cost paths to become educators.


4) School Infrastructure

$250 million for school construction and renovations, helping them build or refurbish classrooms, labs, and libraries.


5) Learning Supports

An expansion of before and after-school programs to keep kids engaged. The budget offers every kid in Michigan tutoring to help catch up and get on track for long-term success, and resources for districts to develop learning pods for academically at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.


6) Student Safety

Dedicated school safety dollars for every student in every school. Funds to hire more on-campus school resources officers, create an intervention system for at-risk students that brings together law enforcement, schools, and mental health professionals, and establish a school safety commission.


Governor Whitmer’s Education Investments

For four years in a row, Governor Whitmer has worked across the aisle to make the largest education investments in Michigan history—without raising taxes. Since taking office, the governor has tripled the number of literacy coaches and last year, closed the funding gap between schools, boosted state per-student investment to an all-time high, and helped districts hire thousands of teachers on-campus mental health professionals.


The Whitmer-Gilchrist Administration’s education accomplishments can be found here.


Whitmer Makes Appointments to the Bench

Whitmer Makes Appointments to the Bench

Governor Whitmer Header


August 4, 2022



Governor Whitmer Makes Appointments to the Bench


LANSING, Mich. — Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the appointments of Amy C. Clapp to the 49th Circuit Court of Mecosta and Osceola Counties and Amanda L. Eicher to the 1st District Court of Monroe County.


“I am proud to appoint Amy and Amanda, two skilled legal professionals with a range of experience, to the bench,” said Governor Whitmer. “They will both serve the people of Michigan honorably and uphold the law, ensuring that our families and communities are safe and justice is delivered.”


49th Circuit Court – Mecosta and Osceola Counties


Amy C. Clapp is the current prosecutor for Mecosta County. She was appointed to this position in 2021 after serving as the chief assistant prosecutor since 2015. Prior to her current role, Clapp was an attorney with Heidi L. Wolf, PC where she represented clients charged with criminal misdemeanors and felonies and in estate planning, divorce and child custody, and civil litigation. She has also served as assistant prosecutor for Allegan and Mecosta Counties and as an adjunct professor for Aquinas College where she taught Constitutional Law.


Clapp earned her Juris Doctor degree from Michigan State University Law School and Bachelor of Science degree from Aquinas College. She has served as a member of the Allegan County Coordinating Council on Domestic Violence, Allegan County Mental Health Treatment Court, Mecosta County Domestic Violence Task Force, and Mecosta County Multi-Disciplinary Team for Child Abuse and Neglect. Amy lives in Stanwood with her husband, Andrew.


“I am so grateful to Governor Whitmer for this appointment to the 49th Circuit Court,” said Clapp. “I have dedicated my career to public service, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue that service for the citizens of Mecosta and Osceola Counties. As Judge, I hope to increase accessibility and transparency of the court, promote civility and respect, and apply the law fairly and justly. I’m humbled by this opportunity and excited beyond measure.”


This appointment was made to fill a partial term, which will commence on August 22, 2022 and expire at twelve o’clock noon on January 1, 2025, following the retirement of Judge Scott Hill-Kennedy effective June 10, 2022. If Ms. Clapp wishes to seek a full six-year term, she would be required to run for reelection in November of 2024.


1st District Court – Monroe County


Amanda L. Eicher currently serves as the supervising attorney for Legal Services of South Central Michigan a division of the Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP). In her role, Eicher provides free civil legal advice and representation to low-income citizens and senior citizens of Monroe and Lenawee Counties. She has handled cases involving domestic violence, family law, personal protection orders, landlord tenant cases, probate issues, and expungements. Before joining the MAP, she was an attorney with Lambrix & Bartlett, PLLC and Leonard K. Kitchen & Associates. Eicher also served as a judicial clerk with the Monroe County Probate Court following her graduation from law school.


Eicher earned her Juris Doctor degree from Michigan State University College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University. Eicher is a member of the Lenawee County Domestic Violence Task Force, Lenawee County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, and Lenawee County Sexual Assault Task Force. Amanda is a long-time resident of Monroe County and lives in Milan with her family.


“I am humbled and honored by Governor Whitmer’s confidence in me,” said Eicher. “I have been fortunate to serve the people of Monroe County throughout my career and it will be a privilege to continue to do so in the capacity of district court judge. I look forward to this opportunity and will ensure that all parties are treated with dignity and respect.”


This appointment was made to fill a partial term, which will commence on September 6, 2022 and expire at twelve o’clock noon on January 1, 2025, following the appointment of Judge William Nichols to the 38th Circuit Court effective April 18, 2022. If Ms. Eicher wishes to seek a full six-year term, she would be required to run for reelection in November of 2024.


Judicial appointments are not subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.