Top Ten Summer Basketball Rankings from who I Seen.

Written Saturday June 29th at 10:30 PM

Top Ten OAA Teams. These are NOT The Top 10 official rankings that comes in November, these are the rankings from who I’ve seen from the June camps.


1. Clarkston- Wolves have looked really impressive this summer especially John Kaul.

2. Avondale- Yellow Jackets are starting to gel this summer but can they gel in the Red???

3. Lake Orion- Dragons have played a really tough schedule this summer.

4. Oxford- Wildcats experience has really shown out this summer.

5. Groves- Falcons have looked really good against good competition this summer.

6. West Bloomfield- Lakers have been really impressive this summer.

7. Rochester- Max Mohl looks to be in mid season form this summer.

8. Bloomfield Hills- Blackhawks were up and down record wise this summer but they could be really dangerous this winter.

9. Troy- Defense has been really concerning this summer despite having Mason Parker.

10. Seaholm- Maples were shorthanded but they still have that same grit for new coach Spenser Adams.



1. Ferndale- Eagles look like they could make some noise this winter.

2. Stoney Creek- Cougars look like they haven’t missed a beat.

3. Clarkston- Wolves have played a really tough schedule this summer.

4. Royal Oak- Ravens have shown a ton of improvement this summer

5. Lake Orion- Dragons were solid but they still have some issues to address.

6. Troy- Colts depth really starting to show this summer.

7. Rochester- Falcons are adjusting to new coach Andy Tomlie’s system.

8. Seaholm- Maples have been up and down seeing them this summer.

9. Avondale- Yellow Jackets have shown improvement this summer.

10. Oxford- Wildcats going through a transition period under new coach Phil Dawson.