Volleyball Districts are Out-2024.

Written Tuesday June 11th at 10:45 AM

This article will be updated often with the most updated information

District 23 @ Farmington Hills Mercy




Farmington Hills Mercy

Detroit Renaissance

Detroit Mumford


FAVORITE: Farmington Hills Mercy

NEXT: Detroit Renaissance

DARKHORSE: Farmington

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is not a very strong district on paper. Farmington Hills Mercy has a ton of proven talent and is well coached under Loretta Vogel. Detroit Renaissance has athletes and could be competitive. Farmington should be better than last season for Coach Rebecca Kunselman. Southfield Arts and Tech has been up and down for Coach Ashlee Hampton. Oak Park could struggle this season for Coach Dameminee Goodlow. Overall this doesn’t look as strong as mentioned on paper, this looks like this is the Marlins district to lose.


District 25 @ Lakeland


South Lyon


Walled Lake Western

Walled Lake Northern

Walled Lake Central


FAVORITE: Lakeland

NEXT: Walled Lake Northern

DARKHORSE:Walled Lake Central

EARLY THOUGHTS: This will be a very interesting district with a ton of proven teams. West Bloomfield will be an honorary member of the Lakes Valley Conference. The Lakers have a solid team for new Coach Elizabeth Ferguson. Walled Lake Northern has been solid along with Walled Lake Central and Walled Lake Western. South Lyon has been up and coming. Lakeland has been a standard bearer and has home court. This could be a very interesting district as mentioned.

District 26 @ Holly





Waterford Kettering

Waterford Mott


FAVORITE: Clarkston

NEXT: Lake Orion


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is shaping up to be a really interesting district. Clarkston and Lake Orion really stand out in this district. The Wolves were in the Final Four the last two years. They are also well coached under Coach Alison Smith. The Dragons are well coached and have a nice group of young and experience under Coach Tony Scavarda. Oxford has been up and down as of late but they are well coached under Coach Noelle Zebb. Holly has been a consistent power in the Flint Metro League, they are well coached under Coach Cortney Stack. Waterford Kettering has had some really rough years but have improved under Coach Savannah Hewett. Waterford Mott really struggled last season. The Corsairs should have a rebound year for Coach Beth MacVicar. Overall this looks like it should be a very interesting district especially with two proven State powers in this district.

District 27 @ Rochester






Orchard Lake St. Marys



NEXT: Orchard Lake St. Marys

DARKHORSE: Stoney Creek

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is what in soccer terms is considered the “group of death.” These six teams are really proven programs. Orchard Lake St. Marys is well coached under Coach Molly Campbell. Adams has a new coach in Nancy McKowen taking over the program and her track record has been very successful. Stoney Creek has had a ton of success under Coach Ross Talbott. Rochester has been really improving under Coach Kirk Gibbs. Bloomfield Hills has really improved under Coach Jacob Paige. Avondale has been up and down under Coach Andrew Stepp. This should be a really interesting district, whoever gets hot at the right time should win this very competitive district.



District 28 @ Berkley






Birmingham Marian


FAVORITE: Birmingham Marian

NEXT: Berkley


EARLY THOUGHTS: Birmingham Marian have been the defending Division One State Champs the last two years. They have a ton of proven experience coming back for Coach Mayssa Cook. Berkley has been very competitive and will be again under Coach Dakota Stainchuk. Royal Oak has been very competitive and should be again for Coach Ciara Schultz. North Farmington will always be in the mix for Coach Michael Love. Seaholm will always be formidable but they will have a new coach in Derick Williams taking over the program. Groves has been rising as of late under Coach Madison Close. Overall this district looks weak on paper but it will be very interesting to see how this district goes on Catalpa Drive.

District 31 @ Utica Eisenhower



Utica Eisenhower

Utica Ford II



FAVORITE: Utica Eisenhower

NEXT: Troy


EARLY THOUGHTS: This is shaping to be a really interesting district that is wide open. Troy Athens has been very proven under Coach Mary Kate Zinn. Troy has been very good and really consistent for Coach Tom Vigilant. Utica Eisenhower is well coached and has proven experience for Coach Caitlin Mahoney. Utica Ford II is well coached under Coach Randy Schantz. Utica has been very consistent under Coach Jeff Pratt. Overall the Eagles have to be the favorite because of home court but the Colts have been here before.


District 54 @ Detroit Henry Ford



Detroit Jalen Rose Academy

Detroit Henry Ford

Detroit Lincoln King Academy

Detroit Old Redford


FAVORITE: Ferndale University

NEXT: Ferndale

DARKHORSE: Detroit Henry Ford

EARLY THOUGHTS: This could be a really interesting district especially if the district final is Ferndale and Ferndale University which could happen. I’m not sold on the four Detroit teams, they could really struggle and they won’t play the competition as both Eagle teams are going to be. Ferndale University is well coached under Coach Kenton Maki while Ferndale doesn’t have a coach in there yet but they always have athletes. This should be a very interesting district to watch. 

District 57 @ St. Clair Shores South Lake


Harper Woods Chandler Park


Warren Lincoln

St. Clair Shores South Lake

FAVORITE: St. Clair Shores South Lake

NEXT: Harper Woods

DARKHORSE: Harper Woods Chandler Park

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is not a very strong district when looking at the teams. St. Clair Shores South Lake has been very strong in volleyball but Harper Woods could have a say. The Pioneers are well coached under Coach Lydia Doty-Faulk. Eastpointe has had some struggles along with Harper Woods Chandler Park. Warren Lincoln is the wildcard, the Abes could make some noise in this district. Overall this is not a strong district but the Cavaliers and Pioneers look to be the teams to watch.

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