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Last week, our nation — along with allies from across Europe — honored the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to beat back the Nazi army and gain a foothold in continental Europe. It ultimately marked the turning point in World War II that led to victory for the Allied Forces. D-Day was a historic moment for our country and the entire free world.

It was an honor to join President Biden and a bipartisan group of my fellow senators in France to mark this hallowed occasion and pay our respects to the servicemembers who made the ultimate sacrifice so that future generations of Americans could live in freedom.

This anniversary is also personal to me. My father didn’t invade the beaches at Normandy, but he crossed them four months later when he was deployed to France with the U.S. Army. My mother — who grew up in France — was forced to live under Nazi occupation for several years. They met during the war, fell in love, and came back to Michigan to start our family.



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My mother and father taught me to never take our freedoms for granted. They told stories of Nazi oppression and the brave men and women who gave everything to fight against it. They were powerful reminders of this history and of the sacrifices made to save democracy and liberty around the world.

Let’s honor those sacrifices – and the thousands of Americans we lost on D-Day – by continuing the fight for freedom that is the bedrock of our country.


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Gary Peters
United States Senator for Michigan