Boys Basketball Districts are Out-2024.

Written Tuesday June 11th at 1:45 AM

These are the districts, they will be updated with the most updated information.

District 22 @ Livonia Franklin



Livonia Franklin

Livonia Churchill

Livonia Stevenson

Redford Thurston


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. North Farmington, 2. Farmington, 3. Redford Thurston, 4. Livonia Stevenson, 5. Livonia Franklin, 6. Livonia Churchill.

FAVORITE: North Farmington

NEXT: Farmington

DARKHORSE: Redford Thurston

PLAYER ON SPOT: Greg Grays-Farmington

INSIGHT: This should be a very interesting district. North Farmington was in the Division One State Finals last season. The Raiders have Avi Melster, Will MacShara, Rob Smith, and DJ Morgan coming back for Coach Todd Negoshian. Livonia Churchill had a really rough year last season. The Patriots have Andrew Creedon, Emmanuel Williams, Diego Cantu, Levi Florence, Alex Mood, Max Shewesing, Jamari White, and Myles Boone coming back for Coach James McCulloh. Livonia Stevenson has a ton of proven experience in Tyler Hall, Jackson Stoops, Isiah Iacoben, Joe Berry, Jack Woods, Antionio Aiaz, Jonah Waligora, and Iyran Altrack coming back for new Coach Jack Matson. Livonia Franklin has Owen Pittenger, Mendale Broaden, Mark Kiss, Dominic Goines, Kam Webster, Jacob Looish, Thomas Wiwigash, Kameron Dale, and Andrew Mullins coming back for Coach TJ Hurley. Redford Thurston won 14 games last season. The Eagles have Daniel Winston, Nicholas Warren, and Tyler Floyd coming back for Coach Brian Bates. Farmington will look to have a bounce back season after injuries really derailed their season. The Falcons have Darnell Cochrane, Randy Rice, and Greg Grays coming back for Coach Byron Johnson. This district could be a battle of Farmington district final which would be very interesting if it happens.

District 24 @ Groves






Birmingham Brother Rice


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Birmingham Brother Rice, 2. Groves, 3. Oak Park, 4. Bloomfield Hills, 5. Seaholm, 6. Southfield Arts and Tech.

FAVORITE: Birmingham Brother Rice

NEXT: Groves


PLAYER ON SPOT: Ace Walters-Birmingham Brother Rice.

INSIGHT: This should be a very competitive district in Beverly Hills. Groves is loaded with proven experience. The Falcons have Jon Simpson, Josh Gibson, and Paul Hubbard, Landon McKinney, and David Jones coming back for Coach Marc West. Oak Park has a ton of experience after a tough loss to Groves last season. The Knights have Jason Harris and Geon Hutchins coming back for Coach Durrand Sheppard. Seaholm has a new system and a younger team. The Maples have Everett Wertz coming back for new coach Spenser Adams. Southfield Arts and Tech will look to have a bounce back season. The Warriors have Cameron Dickerson and Trent Green coming back for Coach Terrance Porter. Bloomfield Hills is an up and coming team. The Blackhawks have D’Ron Mason, Philip Muhammad, Carter Hartfield, and Carter Canfield coming back along with an up and coming player in Brandon Bies for Coach Brian Canfield. Birmingham Brother Rice had a really strong postseason run last season. The Warriors have Ace Walters, David Williams, Elijah Williams, Jacob Lamb, Jeremiah Caffey, John Lilley, Logan Hahama, and Trevor Smith coming back for Coach Ricky Palmer. This district looks like it’s Birmingham Brother Rice’s district to lose but you never know.
District 25 @ West Bloomfield


Orchard Lake St. Marys


Walled Lake Central

Walled Lake Northern


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Orchard Lake St. Marys, 2. West Bloomfield, 3. Walled Lake Central, 4. Lakeland, 5. Walled Lake Northern.

FAVORITE: Orchard Lake St. Marys

NEXT: West Bloomfield

DARKHORSE: Walled Lake Central

PLAYER ON SPOT: Jayden Savoury-Orchard Lake St. Marys

INSIGHT: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district on the black top at West Bloomfield. The defending Division One State Champs are in this district. West Bloomfield is loaded with proven talent. The Lakers have De’Avion Thomas, Corey Pittman, Brendin Jones, Artis Hicks, Terrance Lowe, Ryan Hood, David Lewis, Jamad Williams, Drew Wilson, and Chris Britton coming back for Coach Arnette Jordan. Walled Lake Central had a very strong year last season. The Vikings have Frank Knolton, Giovanni Charles, Anthony Camacho, Asa Clay, Garrod Alexander, Preston Dado, Zakira Jallow, Peyton Kassab, and Jake Nellett coming back for Coach Chuck Splonky. Walled Lake Northern was down last season and will look to have a bounce back year this season. The Knights have Ryne Socha, Eli Ryan, Stone Seyburn, Jack Cooper, Michael Hatcher, Tim Awad, Andy Avitia, and Gavin Delaney coming back for Coach Ryan Negoshian. Lakeland will look to have a bounce back year. The Eagles have Nskian Usen, Cole Bromley, Walker Lewinski, Hayden Cross, Nathan Bronka, and Chandler Good coming back for Coach Rob Thompson. Orchard Lake St. Marys is the defending Division One State Champs and they are loaded again this season. The Eaglets have Geon Sheets, Sharod Barnes, Trey McKinney, Isiah Hines, Jayden Savoury, and Aiden Hanks coming back for Coach Todd Covert. Overall this should be a very interesting district, the Eaglets are the favorite but can’t count out the Lakers by a long shot.

District 26 @ Lapeer




Grand Blanc

Swartz Creek



PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Grand Blanc, 2. Davison, 3. Oxford, 4. Holly, 5. Swartz Creek, 6. Lapeer

FAVORITE: Grand Blanc

NEXT: Davison


PLAYER ON SPOT: Luke Stoffan-Oxford

INSIGHT: This should be a very interesting district in Lapeer. Grand Blanc had a deep postseason run where they went to the regional finals and look to be the favorite again. The Bobcats have Donnie Huddleson, Isiah McCree, Larryeon Subblett, Malachi Evans, Matthew Evans, Omar Young, Caseton Sendry, Angelo Diedalis, and Lawerence Walker coming back for Coach Dorence Martin. Davison was upset by Holly in the district semifinals last season. The Cardinals have Greg Lawson, Cortez Porter, and Jackson Bowden coming back for Coach Mike Williams. Lapeer really struggled last season. The Lightning have Will Fisher coming back for new coach Jack Chittle. Chittle comes from North Branch and will look to leave his mark. Holly has had a ton of success for Coach Steve DeHart. Swartz Creek has been up and down. The Dragons have Ian Johnson, Boston Koebke, Carson Wistuba, William Gray, Isiah Spencer, Alex Miller, Braylin Stell, and King Powell coming back for Coach Kevin Root. Oxford looks to have a very strong showing this postseason. The Wildcats have Jake Champagne, Drew Cady, Robert George, Nolan Mauser, Colatrane Hudson, Brennan Elling, Parker Bennion, Cayden Smith, Jonah Lundeberg, and Luke Stoffan coming back for Coach Joe Fedorchik. This should be a very interesting district to say the least, four teams have a shot to win this district.

District 27 @ Avondale




Waterford Kettering

Waterford Mott


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Clarkston, 2. Avondale, 3. Waterford Mott, 4. Lake Orion, 5. Waterford Kettering.

FAVORITE: Clarkston

NEXT: Avondale

DARKHORSE: Waterford Mott

PLAYER ON SPOT: Max Jansenvanvuren-Waterford Mott

INSIGHT: This is the same district as last season when Clarkston won the district over Waterford Mott. The Wolves are the early favorite. They have Hayden Flavin, Cole Charter, Jon Kaul, and Quinn Rosenburg coming back for Coach Tim Waslik. Avondale has battled with Clarkston including in last season’s district semifinals where it was a 38-37 Wolves win. The Yellow Jackets have Jordan Bush, Jordan Clayton, DJ Moody, Makao Carroll, Isaac Gordon, Javontae Anderson, Braylin Grandberry, and Justin Greer-Sykes coming back for Coach Jaret Thomas. Waterford Kettering really struggled last season. The Captains have Jordan Jarrell, Nathan Bisnett, Hunter Jager, Trevor Meredith, Hayden Bigelow, Braycen Harrington, Cole Hendin, and Gavin Robinette coming back for Coach Steve Emert. Waterford Mott made it to the district finals last season. The Corsairs have Gavin Ort, JaKobe Manyweathers, Max Jansenvanvuren, Damari Stephens, Greg White, Tory Robinson, Nate Lewis, Devin Lewis, and Austin Sheets coming back for Coach Jeff Jayson. Lake Orion was very young last season and look to have a strong bounce back year this season. The Dragons have Zach Parks, Ryan Rocheleau, Gabe Scott, Nick Galben, Jakobe Louris, and MJ Long coming back for Coach Jose Andrades. This should be a fun district, four teams have a great chance to win this district.

District 28 @ Rochester






Utica Eisenhower


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Adams, 2. Rochester, 3. Stoney Creek, 4. Utica Eisenhower, 5. Romeo, 6. Utica.


NEXT: Utica Eisenhower

DARKHORSE: Rochester

PLAYER ON SPOT: Tyree Smith-Stoney Creek

INSIGHT: This is the same district as last season. Utica won the district and 22 games last season behind a veteran heavy team. The Chieftains have Jonathan Carter, Cass Rissman, Kellen Condon, Eddy Tolme, and Owen Sulik coming back for Coach David Hinkle. Rochester looks to have a bounce back year after a tough loss to Adams in the district semifinals. The Falcons have Max Muhl, Noah Kim, Luke Lower, Anthony Chirco, Kellen Muhl, and Jake Tandy coming back for Coach Nick Evola. Utica Eisenhower had their ups and down last season. The Eagles will have Trey Richardson, Randall Rice, Alex Edgar, John Hardiman, and Maddox Moore coming back for a new coach. Romeo has been a really interesting story especially in the postseason, this is something that they need to correct this season. The Bulldogs have Ben Stojanvski, Salvatore Leone, Austin Habicht, Alex Kelley, and Brody Hare coming back for Coach Marv Cushingberry. Adams is coming off a very tough loss to Utica. The Highlanders are a young team but they have proven experience in Colin Langdon, Clark Langdon, Trenton LaGarge, Luke Marcial, and Cannon Flynn coming back for Coach Isiah Novak. Stoney Creek looks to have the biggest pressure on them this season after winning nine games in two years. The Cougars have Gideon Beers, Chritos Marselis, Koby Rauner, Joseph Zoorob, Spencer Beckman, and Tyree Smith coming back for Coach Jeff Olind. This district looks different on paper but you never know with how this would work.

District 29 @ Royal Oak





Warren Mott


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Troy, 2. Berkley, 3. Troy Athens, 4. Royal Oak, 5. Warren Mott


NEXT: Berkley

DARKHORSE: Troy Athens

PLAYER ON SPOT: Jack Soboka-Troy

INSIGHT: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district in Royal Oak. Royal Oak has been a hard team to figure out in the last two years. The Ravens have CJ Hariston, Nick Hoffman, Yurem Patino, and Ethan Cousins coming back for Coach Aaron Smith. Berkley lost a ton of talent from last season but they somehow seem to rebound really well. The Bears have Avery Johnson, Evan Young, Jacob Friedman, Evan Haenick, Sam Niyo, and Kenny Swain coming back for Coach Joe Sermo. Troy looks to be the favorite in this district for good reason. The Colts have  Warren Mott had a really tough year winning three games last season. The Mauraders have Asraf Ahmed, Kevin Barden, Juan Chaney, Wesley Gilmore, Markel Green, Martino Hollywood, Siere Keith-Bouyer, Michael Kronner, and Micheal Plater coming back for Coach Gary Tilney. Troy Athens has a new coach and a new system this season. The Red Hawks have Nathan Piggott, Liam Dempsey, Nate Appledorn, Brendan Tucker, and Alex Beaubien coming back for new coach Mitchell Vercellino. This district on paper looks like it’s the Colts to lose but anything is possible in this district that is for sure.

District 60 @ Hazel Park



Hazel Park

Detroit Osborn

Detroit Pershing

Warren Lincoln


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Warren Lincoln, 2. Ferndale, 3. Detroit Pershing, 4. Detroit Osborn, 5. Hazel Park, 6. Ferndale University.

FAVORITE: Warren Lincoln

NEXT: Ferndale

DARKHORSE: Detroit Pershing

PLAYER ON SPOT: DaMarion Bozeman-Warren Lincoln.

INSIGHT: This is the district that has produced the last two Division Two State Champions in Ferndale and Warren Lincoln. The Abes have DaMarion Bozeman, Markus Blackwell. Moses Blackwell, Chris Morgan, and Oshay Johnson coming back for Coach Wendell Henry. Ferndale won the Division Two State crown two years ago and will look to have a bounce back season. The Eagles have Eden Vinyard, Toriano Adams, Cameron Fraser, Drakkar Washington, Tyler Ruth, Juilan Cardenas, and Dexter Wilson  for Coach Juan Rickman. Ferndale University should be much improved this season. The Eagles have evin Williams-Jackson, Amere Harris, Tyler Stokes, DeQuan Small, Taiwan Johnson, Antonio Jones, Dontrelle Milton, Devin Moore, and Kody Pippen coming back for Coach Josh Nicks. Hazel Park went through a coaching transition winning seven games last season. The Vikings have Kylen Belton, Douglas Calhoun, Christopher Hana, Maxwell Jones-El, and Jayden Page coming back for Coach Cecil Goff. Detroit Pershing won 12 games last season but they will have a new coach. Detroit Osborn will look to have a bounce back season winning 10 games last season for Coach Anton Bradford. This district looks like we could see a rematch between Ferndale and Warren Lincoln but anything is possible that is for sure.
District 61 @ Eastpointe



Harper Woods Chandler Park

St. Clair Shores South Lake

Center Line


PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Center Line, 2. Eastpointe, 3. Harper Woods, 4. Harper Woods Chandler Park, 5. St. Clair Shores South Lake

FAVORITE: Center Line

NEXT: Eastpointe

DARKHORSE: Harper Woods

PLAYER ON SPOT: Jyshawn Lucas-Center Line

INSIGHT: This should be a very interesting district. Eastpointe won the district crown last season and has home court this season. The Shamrocks Aaron Bailey and Dalton Davis have coming back for Coach Michael Railey. Harper Woods will have a very young team this season. The Pioneers have Miron Bayor coming back for Coach TaJuan Porter. Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy won 12 games last season for Coach Bobby Thompson. St. Clair Shores South Lake won 11 games for Coach Kurt Wilson. Center Line won 21 games last season. The Panthers have Kameren Broughton, Jyshawn Lucas, Isiah Ashford, Terez Holmes, Caleli Spencer, Brian Kennedy, and Tony Jones coming back for Coach Derrick Walton. Center Line is the favorite but Eastpointe and Harper Woods could have strong says in this district.

District 62 @ Pontiac


Pontiac Notre Dame Prep

Birmingham Detroit Country Day

Macomb Lutheran North

Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood

Madison Heights Lamphere

PROJECTED SEEDS: 1. Pontiac Notre Dame Prep, 2. Birmingham Detroit Country Day, 3. Pontiac, 4. Macomb Lutheran North, 5. Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood, 6. Madison Heights Lamphere.

FAVORITE: Pontiac Notre Dame Prep

NEXT: Birmingham Detroit Country Day


PLAYER ON SPOT: JJ Claudio-Pontiac

INSIGHT: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district. Pontiac gets to host the district at Sy Green Gym after being in Division One, they are now in Division Two. The Phoenix have JJ Claudio coming back for Coach Andrew Myers. Pontiac Notre Dame Prep is coming off a really bad taste after losing in the district last season. The Fighting Irish has Joe DeCasas, Nick Fandino, Mark Galle, Micahel Khouri, Nick Kobylecki, Sam Phillips, Sam Stowe, and Colin Whalen coming back for Coach Whitney Robinson. Birmingham Detroit Country Day should be a tough out for anyone. The Yellow Jackets have Drew Bailey, Isiah Marino, Jaidyn Martin, Anthony Carthwright, Blake Murphy, Christian Cast, Kordell Robinson, Evan Singleton, Jack Soble, Chase Kukes, Alex Elia, Dominic Cassise, and Cade Wilhelmi coming back for Coach Darryl Nobles. Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood really struggled last season. The Cranes have Ellis Akpotu, Andy Kim, Aiden Stapels, Finn Duzan, Mashiro Kurosawa, Henry Snee, Charlie Song, Adam Zhang, Vagelis Tzoumakis, and Julius Pitt coming back for Coach Matt Gump. Macomb Lutheran North won eight games last season. The Mustangs have Ben Scheuher, Jake Bullaro, Cameron Head, Jack McMahon, Brody Law, and Andrew Starrs coming back for Coach Jared Bender. Madison Heights Lamphere won 10 games last season. The Rams have Aidan Grzesikowski, Jack Robinson, Aiden Lindsey, Evan Landstrom, Cameron Cross, Jeriemah Ray, and Kaden Johnson coming back for Coach Bobby Robinson. This should be a very interesting district as mentioned, the Irish and the Yellow Jackets are the favorites but you can never ever count out the Phoenix.