METAMORA/ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Two fundraising events happened this past week as Camp Oakland’s Run For The Roses and Genisys Credit Union and OLSHA’s Walk for Warmth took place on Thursday, May 2, and Saturday, May 4 respectively.

On Thursday, May 2, in anticipation of the Kentucky Derby on May 5, Camp Oakland – a non-profit which focuses on at-risk children identified by the juvenile system – hosted its first Run For The Roses, a horse-racing themed fundraiser.

The fundraiser took place at the White Horse Inn in Metamora, a perfect venue for the event. Approximately 80 people – staff, donors, community partners, etc. – attended and took part in a buffet-style dinner, several raffles and betting on pre-recorded horse races.

Susan Hollady, the Board Chair for Camp Oakland, talked with ONTV’s Joe Johnson Thursday about the camp and the event.

“This is all about the kids, we’re a residential facility for the youth that have gotten in trouble with the law and are asked to come to our campus in Oxford for schooling, therapy, counseling, and get them back on the right path. We have a girls’ program and a couple of boys’ programs to give them the skills that they need so that they can be successful,” Hollady said.

Founded in 1951, Camp Oakland – founded in Oxford – supports these at-risk youth year-round.

“Our mission is to give every child a chance, so this is a way for us to raise some funds to give them the tools, the techniques, the things that they need so that they can be successful,” Hollady said.

On Saturday, May 4, approximately 500 people gathered at Canterbury Village in Orion Township to participate in the annual Walk For Warmth, hosted by Genisys Credit Union.

In 1964, the Oakland Livingston Health Services Agency or “OLSHA” for short, was founded as a part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” OLSHA supports Oakland and Livingston county residents’ needs for alleviating family and personal poverty.

On that Saturday, Genisys Credit Union hosted the Walk For Warmth to help OLSHA get the fundraising they need.

The morning started off with music and speeches, then the participants gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commence the start of the walk.

Jackie Buchanan, President and CEO of Genisys Credit Union, spoke to Joe Johnson Saturday morning about the event.

“This is an event that we do every year and it supports OLSHA and we raise money all-year-round at Genisys to help heat the homes of our needy friends and neighbors,” Buchanan said. “We’ve probably been doing this for at least 20 years.”

Theresa Doan, the director of Social Responsibility for Genisys Credit Union, remarked on how much they have raised for OLSHA.

“We’ve raised I think close to $30,000 dollars for this organization,” Doan said. “This venue has been a huge gift to this event and to this organization. They actually donate the property – no charge to the organization, so all the money raised is actually being raised to go back to the individuals.”

OLSHA is located in Pontiac, Mich., and supported around 10,000 Oakland and Livingston county residents and their families last year.

For more information on Camp Oakland and how you can help, call (248) 628-2561 or visit

If you or someone you know needs living-related assistance, you can call (248) 209-2600 or visit to schedule and appointment.

Photo by Joe Johnson