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Federal grant programs that local fire departments across Michigan rely on for important resources are set to expire as soon as this year. That is why I introduced bipartisan legislation to extend these essential programs so we can ensure brave firefighters from across Michigan have the necessary tools, equipment, and support to keep our communities and themselves safe.

I’m proud that last week the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where I serve as Chairman, voted to approve this bipartisan bill.

My bill would extend federal programs that fire stations use to replace outdated equipment and vehicles, develop fire training and education programs, hire more emergency responders, and even pay for health screenings for firefighters in the line of duty.

These programs have significantly helped Michigan communities. In 2021, local fire departments in our state received more than $18 million in funding and I have seen firsthand how these federal resources have been put to use.

Over the last few months, I have visited fire stations in Dearborn, East Lansing, and Saginaw. During these visits, I joined safety demonstrations using equipment like Jaws of Life and breathing apparatuses that were purchased with funding from these programs. Fire chiefs from these stations also talked to me about how their departments use federal grants to hire additional staff.




Click here for more on my visit to East Lansing Fire Station 1.

At Saginaw Fire Station 1, I joined a demonstration on how
firefighters use the Jaws of Life in rescue situations.

At Dearborn Fire Station 2, I met with firefighters who had
been hired using grant funding.


Communities often lack the resources needed to purchase up-to-date equipment or hire personnel. Without these grant programs – these heroic firefighters may not be able to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Whether it’s putting out fires, rescuing people from accidents, or responding to natural disasters, firefighters put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our communities. That’s why I’ll keep working to pass this important legislation so we can show Michigan’s firefighters and emergency responders that we’ve got their backs. 

Thank you for reading,

Gary Peters
United States Senator for Michigan