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March 6, 2023

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Governor Whitmer Proclaims March 6-10, 2023 as School Breakfast Week

Education budget includes plan to offer all 1.4 million students in Michigan with free breakfast and lunch


LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed March 6-10, 2023 as School Breakfast Week in Michigan. The governor highlighted her education budget initiative to offer free breakfast and lunch to all 1.4 million public school students in Michigan. The state would become just the 4th to get this done and improve the overall health and wellness of students across the state.


“It’s hard for kids to learn on an empty stomach,” said Governor Whitmer. “Every student should be able to start their day with a nutritious meal so they can stay energized throughout the day and focus on class. Let’s deliver on my budget proposal to offer all 1.4 million public school students in Michigan free breakfast and lunch, saving families over $850 a year and helping them succeed.”


Research shows that children who eat breakfast are more likely to reach higher levels of achievement in reading and mathematics, perform better on assessments, have increased memory and concentration, and maintain a healthy weight.


To view the full proclamation, click here.


Education – Getting Kids Back on Track

The budget recommendation continues historic public education investments. It includes the highest per-student investment in Michigan history for the fifth year in a row without raising taxes, landmark funding to help students and adults build critical reading skills, and free breakfast and lunch to all Michigan public school students. The budget includes:


K-12 Education

  • $900 million deposit into a new rainy day fund for schools – funds set aside for future budgetary needs – ensuring long-term financial stability of the state’s public education system.
  • $614 million to support school operations through a 5% increase in the base per-pupil that equates to an additional $458 per student, for a total of $9,608 per pupil.
  • $318 million for school safety programs, building off existing school safety grant opportunities for districts and implementing cross-sector approaches to prevent mass violence through partnerships between schools, public safety, mental health professionals, and communities.
  • $442.4 million to help students reach their full academic potential, including expansion of existing payments for literacy grants and literacy coaches.
  • $300 million for tutoring through the MI Kids Back on Track program.
  • $300 million to continue historic investments for student mental health to ensure students’ needs can be identified and provided with the right support.
  • $257.3 million toward the goal of offering universal preschool to all of Michigan’s 4-year-olds, putting all children on the path to a brighter future.
  • $195 million in recognition of the crucial role high-quality teachers play in the success of their students. Including continued support for the MI Future Educator Program (which provides a tuition free path for college students to become certified teachers) and funds to retain and develop existing teachers through mentorship programs.
  • $160 million to help students thrive by providing free breakfast and lunch to all of Michigan’s 1.4 million public school students.
  • $150 million to fund matching grants for school districts to modernize their bus fleet by switching over to electric vehicles.
  • $120 million investment in various educator supports, including continuation of the MI Future Educator Fellowship, student teacher stipends and professional development.
  • $94.4 million for literacy-related programs and activities in Detroit public schools.
  • $79.9 million to continue expanded support for special education students – a 12.5% increase in the current allocation.
  • $66.5 million to provide a 5% increase in funding to support academically at-risk students, English language learners, and students in rural school districts.
  • $64.7 million increase, for a total of $812.2 million, in funding for academically at-risk, economically disadvantaged students.
  • $30 million supporting new math intervention programs.
  • $25 million for additional supports for vocational education and career and technical education equipment upgrades.
  • $4 million to establish the Nature Awaits program, providing every Michigan fourth grader with a free field trip to a state park.