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22 Eagle Scouts Gather to Celebrate New Award Recipient

Twenty-two Eagle Scouts of multiple generations gathered at the Packard Proving Ground in
Shelby to attend a “Court of Honor” for the award’s latest recipient, Daron Decator Jr., 16, of
Troop 349.
“We have a saying: once an Eagle, forever an Eagle,” Paul Hardy, Scouting’s local district
executive, said. “It’s an honor one will carry with them for their entire life; moreover, it’s a
standard they are charged to uphold.”
With over 100 youth, volunteers and family members in attendance, the ceremony was atypical in
the number of Eagle alumni present. Only 6% of youth in the program will ever attain the rank,
making them a “rare breed.” Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout Kurt Fobare served as the
event’s master of ceremonies.
“Awarding the rank of Eagle Scout is an important and serious matter,” Fobare said. “It is the
climax and goal toward which a Scout has been working for many years. Therefore, the occasion
which celebrates the Scout’s accomplishment should be something special.”
The ceremony culminated in the recitation of the Eagle Scout Promise, a sacred tradition in which
all Eagles present rise and rededicate themselves to Scouting’s mission. Even as Decator repeated
the words for the first time, others present knew them by heart after years with the program.
According to Hardy, the moment was especially moving with so many Eagles present.
“I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the scout Oath,” the Eagles in attendance
recited. “I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself the obligations and responsibilities of an
Eagle Scout. On my honor, I will do my best to make my training an example and my status and
my influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in my troop, in my
community, and in my contacts with other people. To this I pledge my sacred honor.”