Girls Basketball Districts are Out-2023.

Written Wednesday June 22nd at 10:40 AM

Updated Saturday January 28th at 8:45 PM

Hello everyone, these are the Girls Basketball districts.

This article will be updated very often.

District 4 @ Lapeer (Winner heads to Flushing to play District 3 Winner)


Grand Blanc





PROJECTED MPR: 1. Grand Blanc, 2. Oxford


FAVORITE: Grand Blanc

NEXT: Oxford


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Jada McCree- Grand Blanc

EARLY THOUGHTS: There were plenty of surprises and this district brought a huge surprise. Flint Kearsley got moved to a different district where they are hosting however they have to deal with Flint Carman Ainsworth, Flushing, and Saginaw Heritage. Oxford is in a northern district for a third straight year??? I don’t know what my good friend Dan Brown at Chicago Brothers Pizza has to say about this but knowing him he won’t be happy. The Wildcats have proven experience in Peyton Richter, Nevaeh Wood, Allison Hufstedlar, Sophia Rabb, Brady Elling, Avery Feeney, Lexi Yankee, and Miranda Wyniemko coming back for Coach Rachel Bryer. Lapeer had a really rough year last season but they have a new coach whom came in this offseason and they have home court. The Lightning have Mallory Butterfield, Rosemary Kollar, Mya McKenna, MaKynna Saltzman, Laura Brown, Alexis Norman, Alida Wing, and Abigail Francis coming back for new Coach Evan Bell. Davison went through a transition last year which saw them win ten games. They should be improved this season. The Cardinals have Gracie Little, Gabi Stevens, Marionna Dixon, Skyler Miller, Katie O’ Connor, and Marchae Nelson coming back for Coach Lauhnna McMahan. Grand Blanc should be the favorite in this district despite losing some key players to graduation last season. The Bobcats have Chelsea Bishop, Jada McCree, Rayven McQueen, Ali Anderson, Kendyle Hall, and Malaya Brown coming back for Coach Mike McCay. Holly is new to this district after being in a district that had Fenton, Linden, Howell, and Hartland. They could have things very rough going north in this district. The Bronchos have Alana Simmons, Annabelle Basham, Audrey Combs, McKenna McGhee, Morgan Fluckey, Annalease Thiese, and Molly Adams coming back for Coach Ben Varner. When looking at this district, the Bobcats are favored for the third straight district but I have a funny feeling that Oxford is not that far off despite the two blowout losses in the last two years, the third time is always the charm and it could be for the Wildcats.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district is going as planned right now. Grand Blanc is still the favorite in the district but Oxford is right there with them. Could this be the Wildcats time to overcome the Bobcats??? it certainly looks possible however Oxford took a huge blow with a season ending ACL injury to Nevaeh Wood during their loss to North Farmington. Grand Blanc is not the same team as years past but they still have very good players as mentioned in the Early Thoughts. I’ve been very disappointed with Davison. I thought they would be better but they are not. Holly is much improved after they were winless last season. Lapeer is making some progress as well. This district looks like right now it will be either Grand Blanc or Oxford that moves on.


District 5 @ Rochester (Winner heads to Lake Orion to play District 7 Winner)





Utica Eisenhower


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Rochester, 2. Stoney Creek


FAVORITE: Rochester

NEXT: Stoney Creek

DARKHORSE: Utica Eisenhower

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Ava Williams- Rochester

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a district that is almost the same from last season. Lake Orion won the district last season was moved to Clarkston this season. Rochester should be the early favorite in the district with the experience they have coming back and have made the district finals in each of the last four years. The Falcons have not gotten past the district finals in those four tries. They fell to Lake Orion in the district finals last season. Rochester has had home court in the districts before but one of those losses came against Utica in 2021 in the district finals when having home court. The Falcons have Alice Max, Kiley Robinson, Natalie Rayce, Ava Williams, Alania Webb, Stevie Norgrove, Abby Pleasant, and Samantha Glover whom didn’t play last season coming back for Coach Bill Thurston. Stoney Creek earned the top seed in the district but was upset by Lake Orion in the district semifinals last season. They should be motivated this season. The Cougars have Sarah LaPrarie, Emily Flynn, Mia Carson, Merrick Schwalbach, and Lily Solek coming back for Coach Kellen James. Adams is in a very interesting spot. They really struggled with the transition period last season. The Highlanders have Samantha Blaine, Olivia Marcial, Taylor Green, AuJayna Howard, Jin Ah Jasper, Morgan McPherson, Nicole Kedzierski, and Skyler Slezak coming back for Coach Joe Malburg. Utica Eisenhower is a sleeper. They have a ton of proven experience coming back. The Eagles have Deyvn Raymond, Autumn Reed, Maggie McGuire, Layna Sturza, Jennifer McWerthy, Ava Stack, Marianna Stojcevski, Abby Klaft, Abby Nezich, and Lexi Horattas coming back for Coach Cliff Piper. Romeo had a really rough year last season but there is some optimism surrounding them. The Bulldogs have Eva Hill, Ava McMillan, Clare Carmody, Elise Rilley, Amanda Kitchen, Jacqueline LeBlanc, Gabriella Matina, and Rachel Miller coming back for new coach Ronald LeBlanc. He is very familiar with the program so the transition should be smoother. This district looks to be very interesting. Three teams standout but anything is possible.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district is going as expected so no changes are needed. Rochester is the still the favorite while Stoney Creek is not that far behind. Utica Eisenhower has been red hot and is very dangerous. Romeo has been playing better. Adams is very young and have taken a ton of lumps. As mentioned no changes are needed for now.


District 6 @ Clarkston (Winner heads to Lake Orion to play District 8 Winner)




Waterford Kettering

Waterford Mott


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Lake Orion, 2. Clarkston


FAVORITE: Lake Orion

NEXT: Clarkston

DARKHORSE: Waterford Kettering

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Ava Hernandez- Clarkston

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is almost the same district as last season but there is one team that moved out while another moved into this district. Avondale is hosting their own district. There are two teams that really stand out and both of them won district titles last season. Clarkston won their third straight district title but missed a really great look at the end and fell to Hartland in the regional finals. They won 18 games last season and have some talent coming back. The Wolves have Ava Hernandez, Mia Zorski, Emily Valencia, Kierra Tolmie, Ellery Hernandez, Marley Mazur, Ella Morgner, Anna Thomas, and Claire Walker coming back for Coach Aaron Goodnough.They have Ellianna Roback in the program as well. Lake Orion comes into this district after winning a different district. They won 18 games and was in it for three and a half quarters against Clarkston in the regional semifinals last season. The Dragons have Chloe Wiegers, Maddie Ebbert, Kylie Heck, Taylor Dinda, Audrey Wischmeyer, Ryann Pawalcyzk, Grace Sullivan, Ali May, Fontana Blackney, Jodie McCaffery, Charlie Peplowski, and Izzy Wotlinski coming back for Coach Bob Brydges. Pontiac should be much improved this season for new coach Corray Lett. Waterford Kettering lost some proven experience from last season. The Captains have Amelia Vamvakitis, Malyanna Schoof, Ellie Drops, Payton Amshay, Natalia Perez, Bella Labo, Gracela Lovelett, Abby Hayword, and Nora Hernandez coming back for new coach Eric Parker. Waterford Mott was very young last season. They should be much improved this season. The Corsairs have Makayla Henderson, Jillian Massey, Gillian Johnson, Karli Koskien, Rachel Rockford, Juliana Lemis, Izzy Esquivel, Emily Nasianceno, Madison Winters, Kelsey Palmer, and Emma Paschke coming back for Coach Michelle Sklar. There are a lot of PR1DE ladies in this district. This should be very interesting to watch.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district is going as expected. The MPR is kind of whacked a little bit. The two top teams that are ranked should be the top teams in this district. Pontiac, Waterford Kettering, and Waterford Mott have really struggled this season. Clarkston has struggled a little bit but they have home court. Lake Orion has been going along with it’s business. So far this district still has a green and white vs blue and gold feeling to it.


District 7 @ Lakeland (Winner heads to Lake Orion to play District 5 Winner)



Walled Lake Northern

Walled Lake Central

Walled Lake Western


PROJECTED MPR: 1. West Bloomfield, 2. Walled Lake Northern


FAVORITE: West Bloomfield

NEXT: Walled Lake Northern


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Destiny Washington-West Bloomfield

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is where the defending Division One State Champs will begin their State title defense in this district. Lakeland also won a district crown last season. They were put in different regionals but they are in the same district this season. West Bloomfield has a ton of proven experience. The Lakers have Summer Davis, Indya Davis, Kendall Hendrix, Sydney Hendrix, Destiny Washington, Ava Lord, Gabby Williams, Jaylee Head, Jada Vaughn, and Gabrielle Hale coming back for Coach Darrin McAllister. Lakeland should be very young this season after falling to a very good Hartland program in the regional semifinals last season. The Eagles have Kira Brower, Molly Marino, Lizette Tanguaka, Mia McDonald, Parker Ostach, Emma Benton, and Raegan Lukes coming back for Coach Mike Leithelm. Walled Lake Western was very young last season after being very good a few years ago under former Oxford coach Steve Emmert. The Warriors have Emma Hoffmeyer, Emma Cassatta, Bella Yaldoo, Kelsey Beck, Makenna Krzisnik, Evana Gjelaj, Ryan Geisler, and Ryah Dewey coming back for Coach Kelly Costello. Walled Lake Northern could be West Bloomfield’s toughest challenger in the district with the proven experience coming back. The Knights have Amal Younes, Addison Porter, Ava Horen, Mia Lanni, Reese Nemeth, Natalie Wilbert, Macie Hunter, Cate Ross, and Aleena McCullough coming back for Coach Josh Pees. Walled Lake Central was very young last season. They could be a sleeper in the district if things go right. The Vikings have Jaden Henderson, Amelia Maktari, Carys Lucas, Kyeli Anderson, Savannah Breitwesier, Angelina Virga, Lillian Miracle, Maddie Schopf, Jordyn Harris, and Grace Mathson coming back for Coach Robert Schopf. This looks to be West Bloomfield’s district to lose but it’s much tougher than people think because all three Walled Lake schools have a lot of experience coming back.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: The only change from the Early Thoughts is Lakeland is the darkhorse in this district. West Bloomfield has been rolling as expected but their depth is a concern for them going forward. Walled Lake Northern has been clearly the best team in the Lakes Valley but the Knights are currently tied with Lakeland and South Lyon East. The Eagles have beaten Walled Lake Northern in the head to head and they will rematch really soon. Walled Lake Western and Walled Lake Central have been very disappointing teams. I thought they would be much better than what they have been. So far Lakeland has bounced back in a big way but in all reality I still don’t see anyone in the Lakes Valley touching West Bloomfield.


District 25 @ Berkley (Winner heads to Royal Oak to play District 27 Winner)




Detroit Renaissance

Detroit Mumford


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Detroit Renaissance, 2. Berkley


FAVORITE: Detroit Renaissance

NEXT: Detroit Mumford


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Nevaeh Otis- Detroit Renaissance

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district as last season. There are a ton of storylines heading into this district. Detroit Renaissance was heavily favored and had home court in the district. There were conversations that they could make another trip to the Division One State finals at the Breslin Center however they were upset by Berkley in the district finals. The Bears were middle of the pack in the White despite falling to Grosse Pointe North in the regional semifinals last season however that game against the Phoenix gave Berkley confidence heading into this season. The Bears will be a different team this season. They lost a few standouts to graduation but the talent pool is far from bare. Berkley has Jillian Gomes, Mya Jones, Ava Beard, Dakaya Cunningham, Addison Hambright, Maddi Bonsall, Avery Wintergarden, Maleve Nolan, and Sammi Withrow coming back for Coach Cody Feltner. Royal Oak should be much improved after having a unusually really rough year last season. They are well known for their defense first mentality. The Ravens have Elly Finch, Anna Waterstredt, Lucy Freytag, Emily Walden, Izzy Fairless, Alana Morello, Emiliee Austin, Maddie Lawrence, and Hannah Sanders coming back for Coach Brian Sopota. Detroit Mumford has been a proven power in the Detroit Public School League despite being paired with Detroit Renaissance in the last few years in the postseason. They fell to Berkley in the district semifinals last season. The Mustangs have Samiyah Jefferson coming back for Coach Kareem Hogan. Detroit Renaissance should be a motivated program where they should be in the State conversation yet again. The Phoenix have Imani Johnson, Christian Sanders, Nevaeh Otis, Makayla Coleman, Aubrey Johnson, Sterling Gooden, Makayla Johnson, Azaria Huggins, Kiyla Brooks, Harmonie Bolton, and Nyanma Pharr coming back but they will have a new coach as Coach Shane Lawal left the program in August to be an assistant in the developmental program with the Sacramento Kings. They have Dashawn Wood taking over the program. Wood used to be an ex basketball trainer so he has a ton of experience coming into the program. Oak Park should be better for Coach Chantelle Corson. The Knights really struggled to score last season. This district should be very interesting to watch at Berkley.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: There have been some more added changes to this district compared to the Early Thoughts. Detroit Renaissance is still the favorite despite having a new coach but they also have proven experience so there are no changes surrounding the Phoenix. The major change has been Berkley. The Bears have been very disappointing but they have seemed to turn things around. Detroit Mumford has impressed me with their play especially against Harper Woods. Royal Oak has really struggled which is very concerning. Oak Park has shown some improvement but even with their recent success they don’t really have a chance in this district. Detroit Renaissance has a great chance to get through this district and get some revenge after their shocking upset loss at home to Berkley in the district finals last season.


District 26 @ North Farmington (Winner heads to Royal Oak to play District 28 Winner)




Farmington Hills Mercy

Detroit Henry Ford


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Farmington Hills Mercy, 2. North Farmington


FAVORITE: Farmington Hills Mercy

NEXT: North Farmington

DARKHORSE: Southfield Arts and Tech

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Sela Lefler- North Farmington

EARLY THOUGHTS: This should be a very interesting district on paper. It looks like it should be a two team district final but maybe a third team could emerge as a possible sleeper. Farmington Hills Mercy is the early favorite for a few reasons. They won 18 games last season and have a lot of proven experience. The Marlins have Maya White, Fran DeNardo, Carley Goebel, Alison Smiley, Lillian DeJong, Ava Lorraine, Caroline Butcher, Aizlyn Albanese, Lauren Smiley, and Emily Walker coming back for Coach Gary Morris. Farmington could be a sleeper. They lost a ton of proven talent from last season but they always seem to be in the mix at the very end. The Falcons have Yasmine Thorpe, Jayla Silver, Brooke Farrington, Annalin Nardelli, and Clarissa Hankins coming back for Coach Laura Guzman. Southfield Arts and Tech should be improved this season. They were a real Jekyll and Hyde last season. The Warriors have proven experience in Christian Banks, Jayla Austin, Kamira Page, and Jordan Ushery coming back for Coach Shiquita Coltrane. North Farmington enters this district and also has home court. They had a really rough district which had Groves, Seaholm, Birmingham Marian, Bloomfield Hills, and West Bloomfield last season. The Raiders have Sela Lefler, Penelope Creary, Asiyah Jihad, Eliza Muller, Amarriah Merriweather, Hannah Hart, Sam Hoffer, and Halee Rogers coming back for Coach Jeff Simpson. Detroit Henry Ford won 10 games last season. The Trojans could be a sleeper in this district for Coach Chevelle O’Brien. This is shaping to be a very interesting district as mentioned but this district looks like it’s the Marlins to lose for now.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: There has been one change but no changes to where North Farmington and Farmington Hills Mercy stands when it comes to the MPR or seeding. Southfield Arts and Tech is the wildcard but they have some flaws as well. Farmington has really struggled outside the Blue. Detroit Henry Ford has really struggled this season. As of right now it stands to be a district final between the Marlins and the Raiders. North Farmington has really closed the gap and is the biggest challenger to Farmington Hills Mercy.


District 27 @ Birmingham Marian (Winner heads to Royal Oak to play District 25 Winner)





Birmingham Marian


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Birmingham Marian, 2. Bloomfield Hills


FAVORITE: Birmingham Marian

NEXT: Bloomfield Hills


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Mackenzie Swanson- Birmingham Marian

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district on the newly named “Mary Cicerone court.” Birmingham Marian looks to be the favorite on paper but there are some suitable challengers in this district. Groves should be very interesting this season. The Falcons have Kaitlyn Sanders, Cira Racco, Lilly Gallagher, Cameron Little, Ella Blank, Nevaeh McCay, Jean Smith, Dana Wesley, Payge Charnas, and Kirsten Jasinski coming back for Coach Alison Hidey. Troy comes to this district after overcoming their postseason problems past by making it to the State Quarterfinals last season. They were in a district that had Warren Cousino, Warren Mott, Warren Woods Tower, and Troy Athens on their home floor last season. The Colts have  Charlotte Gillion, Avery Allen, Shaivani Angadi, Victoria Siegan, Raegan Zeiter, and Diamond Prince coming back for Coach Julius Porter. Seaholm had a very strong year where they won the Blue however fell to arch rival Groves in the first round last season. The Maples have Shay Manchester, Taylor Hartwig, Lola Weber, Olivia Davis, Kate Anderson, Clara Guffy, Emma Weber, Mary Gumbas, and Anne Boogerian coming back for Coach Chris Manchester. Bloomfield Hills should be much improved after a very rough two years. They made several strides despite falling to North Farmington in the first round in a very competitive game last season. The Blackhawks have Ashley Forner, Brianna Young, Grace Main, and Ruby Smith coming back for Coach Kristen Massey. Birmingham Marian will have a new era as former assistant Michelle Lindsay takes over for longtime coach Mary Cicerone. The Mustangs have Mackenzie Swanson, Ella Ervin, Abby Landa, Molly McLeod, and Charlie Bingham coming back for Lindsay. The district looks for now like its Birmingham Marian’s to lose but there are some challengers waiting in the wings as mentioned.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district has turned into a wide open district with Birmingham Marian unsuspectingly struggling. The Mustangs have won three of their last five games and have seemed to have turned the corner a little bit. Seaholm has been a Jekyll and Hyde as of late. They have played a tough schedule and has a win over Bloomfield Hills. Groves has also played a tough schedule but they did beat Seaholm however they have not looked very good in recent weeks. Bloomfield Hills has really improved. The non conference hasn’t been the strongest but they have played Stoney Creek and will play Birmingham Marian in February. Troy is very young and have taken their lumps this season. They could be a player but they have to play very well. Birmingham Marian is still the favorite because of Mackenzie Swanson and home court but Groves, Seaholm, and Bloomfield Hills have really closed the gap and hard.


District 28 @ Avondale (Winner heads to Royal Oak to play District 26 Winner)



Sterling Heights Stevenson


Utica Ford II


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Utica Ford II, 2. Utica



NEXT: Utica

DARKHORSE: Troy Athens

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Ellie Musto- Troy Athens

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a very interesting district with a combination of Oakland and Macomb County schools in this district. Avondale was moved east away from Clarkston, Pontiac, Waterford Kettering, and Waterford Mott and was given home court for the district. The Yellow Jackets have Lily Titus, Madison Manyweathers, Khila Bradley, Amaria Daniels, Takera Williams, and Kaliyah Carroll coming back for Coach Roy Christmon. Troy Athens is a program that not a lot of people are paying attention too that could win this district. What is odd for them is that their arch rival Troy is not in this district as they are in a very difficult district. The Red Hawks have Ellie Musto, Rebekah Delia, Lily Batzold, Fiona Wingblad, Kaci Mersier, Abby Malone, Alex Link, and Skyler Emerson coming back for Coach Stacie Klumpp. Sterling Heights Stevenson had a really great year under former Rochester boys basketball coach Vance Kirkwood but he is no longer there as he is the new Boys Basketball Coach at Mount Clemens. The Titans won 11 games but fell to Utica Ford II in the first round last season. Utica has always been a proven program and has the track record to prove it. They won 16 games and a district crown but fell to Macomb L’Anse Creuse North in the regional semifinals last season. The Chieftains have Cameron McConachie, Sarah Fromm, Natalie Shtogrin, and Katelyn Shtogrin coming back for legendary coach Tom McDonald. Utica Ford II should be the favorite in this district because of proven experience and track record. They won 16 games but fell to Utica in the district finals last season. The Falcons have Sydney Garon, Lilah Earl, Madison Bettys, Kailee Gillich, Anayya Davis, and Rachel Riepma coming back for Coach Matt Joseph. I see four teams that standout in this district, it’s anyone’s district to take.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: There has been some major changes to the Early Thoughts. Sterling Heights Stevenson has really struggled. Utica is at the Next column and Troy Athens stayed as the Darkhorse. The Falcons have been playing very well. The Chieftains haven’t lost a beet. Troy Athens has been a very weird team to figure out. They started at 4-0 but have gotten back to Earth a little bit. Avondale has been up and down. Sterling Heights Stevenson has really struggled with the coaching transition. There have been some major changes but so far this is where things stand.


District 30 @ Grosse Pointe North (Winner heads to Macomb Dakota to play District 32 Winner)


Grosse Pointe North

Grosse Pointe South

St. Clair Shores Lakeview



PROJECTED MPR: 1. Grosse Pointe North, 2. Grosse Pointe South


FAVORITE: Grosse Pointe North

NEXT: Grosse Pointe South

DARKHORSE: St. Clair Shores Lakeview

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Annabel Ayrault- Grosse Pointe North

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a very tough district with every team winning double digit games and two teams that made the regionals that are in this district from last season. Grosse Pointe North should be the favorite because of proven experience. They fell to West Bloomfield in the regional finals last season. The Norsemen have Jenna Winowiecki, Annabel Ayrault, Mia Stephanoff, Charlotte Juilen, Natalie Babcock, and Sophie Boroski coming back for Coach Gary Bennett. St. Clair Shores Lakeview is a very interesting program. They made the regional semifinals falling to Troy last season and they also have proven experience. The Huskies have Zion Harris, Camara Knighton, Jillian Ostrowski, Mackenzie Stein, Isabella Tiseo, Maria Decker, Ava Prasnjak, Samantha Guciardo, Autumn Wirick, Alexis Pottu, Me’Ahna Owoiya, and Madison Geib coming back for Coach Joe Charrette. Roseville has a ton of proven experience this season. The Panthers have Aaniya Jordan, Saniah Love, Dionni John, Cheyenne Hrelja-Hill, Haleigh Olivas, Michelle Huffman, Reyvan Frank, Rihanna Reeves, Keyonna Scorpio, Presley Rubio, and Sydney Masterson coming back for Coach Andy Houghton. Grosse Pointe South has been a traditional power however they unusually struggled winning four games last season. The Blue Devils have Maddy Benard, Bella Deveroux, Madison Duff, Olivia Dimuzio, Ava Sjorgen, Chloe Power, and Karter Richards coming back for Coach Kevin Richards. Harper Woods comes into this district after being in Division Two last season. They won 18 games but fell to St. Clair Shores South Lake in the district finals last season. The Pioneers have Kendall Kelsey, Mya Duncan, Lauren Peterson, and Clearia Peterson coming back for new coach Anthony Brown. This should be a very tough district as mentioned. There is a lot of proven programs in this district.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This has the makings of a very interesting district. Grosse Pointe North is still is the favorite to win this district. The Norsemen are loaded with proven talent and experience and they have home court as well so no changes with Grosse Pointe North. Grosse Pointe South has been around 500 but they are always dangerous come postseason time. St. Clair Shores Lakeview is unusually struggling which is odd surrounding the Huskies and their history of very good basketball. Roseville has been struggling this season and will struggle in this district. Could Harper Woods take advantage???, sure. The Pioneers have a high octane offense led by Clearia Peterson but there is a downside. They really struggle to defend and when they don’t score 50 points or over it usually doesn’t end well. It’s hard for me to put Harper Woods on the list of contenders but they will be on there if they keep winning games. So far this district looks like it’s the Norsemen’s district to lose.


District 58 @ Hazel Park (Winner heads to Hazel Park to play District 60 Winner)



Hazel Park

Warren Lincoln

Warren Fitzgerald


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Warren Fitzgerald, 2. Hazel Park


FAVORITE: Warren Fitzgerald

NEXT: Hazel Park


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Jada Buchanan- Ferndale

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is not a very strong district on paper. Ferndale University is getting better each day for Coach Brianna Rowe. The Eagles made the district finals falling to Birmingham Detroit Country Day last season. Ferndale had a really challenging year last season. They have a new but familiar coach coming back into the program in Coach Keith Paris. The Eagles have Jada Buchanan, Angel Ajonouma, Briunna Young, Tarriyah Early, Jaila Pouncey, and Jayla Martin coming back for Paris. Hazel Park is the sleeper in this district and has has home court. The Vikings won 11 games last season for Coach Dakota Ogles. Warren Lincoln has not been the same program that really dominated the late 2010’s. They struggled winning four games last season. The Abes should be much improved for Coach Jalen Ford. Warren Fitzgerald should be improved. They really struggled winning one game last season. The Spartans have Janiya Williams and Mariah Anderson coming back for Coach JuWan Shakespear. This looks like it’s a two team district between the Eagles and the Vikings. Could this be the time Ferndale University makes the next step???

CURRENT THOUGHTS: There has been some major changes to this district from the Early Thoughts. Warren Fitzgerald has really been rolling with an unbeaten record thus far. The Spartans are a player in this district. Hazel Park has had their moments of greatness as well. The Vikings are much better and have gotten some program strength back into their program which is a great sign. Ferndale University has taken a major step back and could really struggle in this district with their rebuild. Ferndale has started to put some things together and is the wildcard of this district. Warren Lincoln has really been struggling. So far with what I’m seeing Warren Fitzgerald really stands out but Hazel Park has home court and everyone back from last season.

Here is the Girls Basketball Districts from the MHSAA Website