Boys Basketball Districts are Out-2023.

Written Tuesday June 21st at 11:15 PM

Updated Sunday January 15th at 8:00 PM

Hello to everyone, these are the Boys Basketball Districts.

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District 6 @ Clarkston (Winner heads to Fenton to play District 8 Winner)




Waterford Kettering

Waterford Mott


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Clarkston, 2. Waterford Mott


FAVORITE: Clarkston

NEXT: Waterford Mott


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: John Kaul-Clarkston

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district as last season. I’m still at a loss for words with how Clarkston didn’t get the top seed in the district last season and Waterford Mott ended up getting that spot. They should be the favorite in this district with home court and proven experience. The Wolves have Brayden Wiley, Desman Stephens, Brody Kosin, John Kaul, Zach Scherler, Cole Church, Zach Pflidger, and Cavanaugh Diton coming back for Coach Tim Waslik. Waterford Mott won the Lakes Valley after winning 17 games. They had the top seed and home court coming into the district but the Corsairs fell to Clarkston in the district finals last season. The Corsairs have Dequantre Warren, Jacoby Menyweathers, Octave Lawerence, Davon Warren, Kalieb Osborn, Devin Lewis, Davis Ellis, and Jake Martin coming back for Coach Sean Moore. Waterford Kettering has really struggled in the last five years. They will have a new coach which will be their fifth in six years but it’s a familiar face to the OAA and the Lakes Valley Conference. The Captains have Tommy Knibbs, Isac Moore, Will Campbell, Kevin Meredith, and Christopher Bowman coming back for former Oxford and Walled Lake Western girls basketball Coach Steve Emert. Pontiac will look to have a bounce back year after really struggling last season. The Phoenix have Davion Hall, Tyree Long, and Carter Douglas coming back for Coach Dameon O’Neil. Avondale has really improved and have played really well in the summer. The Yellow Jackets have Malik Adams, Denzel White, Tyler Prentice, Justin Sykes, Terry Daniel, DJ White, Issac Gordon, Jeremiah Phillips, and Darren Pagel coming back for Coach Pat Clancy. This should be a rematch of the district finals from last season between the Wolves and the Corsairs but anything is possible.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district has no changes thus far. Clarkston has been living on the edge lately. Waterford Mott is still the Wolves biggest challenger. Avondale is still the sleeper despite their inconsistencies. Waterford Kettering is rebuilding under Coach Steve Emert. Pontiac is really struggling. Other than that no changes in this district.


District 5 @ Utica Eisenhower (Winner heads to Fenton to play District 7 Winner)






Utica Eisenhower


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Adams, 2. Lake Orion



NEXT: Lake Orion

DARKHORSE: Utica Eisenhower

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Ethan Mychajulk-Utica Eisenhower

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district as last season however it will be in a much smaller gym in Utica Eisenhower than it was at Romeo. Could this district be Macomb County revenge??? It looks like it but Oakland County could spoil things like what happened last season when Lake Orion played Adams in the district finals. Utica Eisenhower really improved turning things around during the later half of the year however they fell to the Dragons in the district semifinals last season. The Eagles have proven experience and have really improved this summer. Utica Eisenhower should be the favorite in the Macomb Area Conference White this season. The Eagles have Ethan Mychajulk, Braden Buza, Preston Crumm, Jackson McHale, Hayden Bills, Ethan Barker, Matthew Elias, and Kyle O’Reilly coming back for Coach Tom Antishin. Romeo won the Macomb Area White last season but was blown out by Utica Eisenhower in the first round on their home floor. They have gotten past the first game once in the last four years (2021-Oxford.) The Bulldogs have Tim Kewey and Aiden Tague coming back for Coach Marv Cushingberry but someone has to step up for Romeo to take the next step. Stoney Creek really struggled last season but they have made some changes this offseason. The Cougars have Peyton Rummler, Tre Walker, Leo Kent, Tommasso Sincola, and Jonah McCay coming back for new coach Jeff Olind. Olind came from Warren Mott this offseason. It will be very interesting to see what he does with his new program this season. Adams should be the favorite despite losing a lot of proven experience from winning the district crown last season. The Highlanders have looked very good this summer. Adams has Brady Prieskorn, William Gee, and Peter Karakasis coming back for Coach Jarret Thomas. Rochester should be very interesting this season. They lost a ton of proven experience after falling to Adams in the district semifinals last season. The Falcons have Alex Bueno, Jaiden Bolden, Elijah Kalaj, Joe Lulgjaraj, Grant Calcagno, Rex Matoud, and Kharmani Potts coming back for Coach Nick Evola. Lake Orion is the sleeper despite making the district finals last season. When they have that chip on the shoulder they are very dangerous. The Dragons have Nate Havrilla, DJ Morrow, Kevin Tobe, and Blake Liddell coming back for Coach Jose Andreadas. This is a very interesting district as mentioned, anything is possible.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: Big changes in this district. Lake Orion is better than thought with the Dragons current play. The loss to Adams was without their two starting guards. The Highlanders are still favored in this district and they just got Brady Prieskorn back. Utica Eisenhower has struggled despite the experience they have back. Romeo has been on and off recently. Rochester has been very inconsistent but they have not had their best big in Khamanni Potts. Stoney Creek has really struggled with the transition to new coach Jeff Olind. This district looks like a three team district for now but two when healthy really stand out.


District 4 @ Grand Blanc (Winner heads to Flushing to play District 3 Winner)


Grand Blanc



Flint Kearsley


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Grand Blanc, 2. Davison


FAVORITE: Grand Blanc

NEXT: Davison


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Greg Lawson-Davison

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district but it was at Davison last season. Grand Blanc has a ton of storylines. They have a new coach in Tory Jackson. Jackson takes over for Mike Thomas whom left for East Kentwood this offseason. He has a ton of coaching experience at Bay City John Glenn and in the Saginaw area. Thomas led the Bobcats to two State Final appearances, winning the Division One State crown in 2021. They fell to Warren De LaSalle in the Division One State Finals last season. It will be very interesting to see how the transition goes at Grand Blanc. The Bobcats have Robert Williams, Tae Boyd, Amonte Allen-Johnson, Micah Welch, Anthony Perdue, RJ Taylor, Bryce O’Mara, Trevon Johnson, Jake Lindquist, Joe Nemeck, and Donnine Huddleston coming back for Jackson. Lapeer should be very interesting. They had a really hot start but a cold finish last season. The Lightning have Owen Boyle, Matt Sierakowski, Alex Wells, and Matthew Smith coming back for Coach Greg McGeary. Davison has a very talented young core that saw a ton of ups and downs last season. They have really improved this summer. The Cardinals have Greg Lawson, Teon Armstrong, Buddy Williams, Zach Papadakis, Henry Carstaphen, and Braylen Himmelin coming back for Coach Mike Williams. Flint Kearsley should be very interesting. They relied heavily on the three point shot. The Hornets have Neely Dakari, Donovan Harrington, and Julienne Brandt coming back for Coach Joe Corkan. Oxford could be a sleeper in the district despite making the district finals last season. I wonder what Chicago Brothers Pizza Owner Dan Brown has to say about this district??? The Wildcats have Dominic Cassisse, Lucas Botette, Jake Champagne, Jay Cady, Kyle DiMalanta, and Dylan Stone coming back for Coach Steve Laidlaw. Champagne has really had a strong summer for Oxford. Grand Blanc is the favorite but watch for Oxford and Davison as both teams could give the Bobcats some fits.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: No changes in this district. Grand Blanc is still the favorite and has home court. Davison has been solid as well. Oxford is the most dangerous team in this district with their play. Lapeer has really been struggling. Flint Kearsley has also been struggling as well. This is a three team district but the Bobcats really stand out.


District 25 @ Berkley (Winner heads to Troy to play District 27 Winner)




Detroit Renaissance

Detroit Mumford

Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit, 2. Oak Park


FAVORITE: Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit

NEXT: Oak Park

DARKHORSE: Detroit Renaissance

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Sonny Wilson-Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district as last season but it will be at Berkley instead of Royal Oak. Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit looks prime to repeat as district champs with their recent history and playing in the tough Catholic League. They made the regional finals falling to fellow Catholic League rival Orchard Lake St. Marys last season. The Cubs have Sonny Wilson, Tarrance Reed, Juilan Robinson, David Herron, Xavier Johnson, Zavier Banks, Sebestian Randolph, and Branden Walker coming back for Coach Tim Connely. They have Leroy Blyden in the program as well. Detroit Mumford really had a rough year winning six games last season. The Mustangs should be much improved for Coach Anthony Woods this season. Detroit Renaissance could be a possible sleeper. They won 15 games but fell to the Cubs in the district semifinals last season. The Phoenix have Lance Stone, Dion Stinson, Jayson Gamblin, and Jacob White coming back for Coach John White. Berkley can’t seem to get a break when it comes to the district assignments despite getting home court. They are a possible sleeper in this district. The Bears have David Rolands, Tamir Runekvich, Riley Shafritz, Jacob Sheriff, Luke Winter, and Ian Smith coming back for Coach Joe Sermo. Oak Park is a very interesting team and in a really interesting spot. They will be looking to get that elusive district crown after falling to Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit in the last two years (district semifinals in double overtime, district finals last season.) The Knights have Jason Harns, Robert Smith, Geon Hutchins, Kevin Tolliver, Soloman White, and LuJuan Holliday coming back for Coach Durand Sheppard. Royal Oak is another sleeper in this district. They had a very strong year last season. The Ravens have Camden Clark, Dylan Hoffman, Davis Arbeiter, Brady Schrem, Rashad Wilson, and Nick Hoffman coming back for Coach Aaron Smith. This district has the makings of very similar to last season.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: Oak Park moves into the NEXT category. I’ve been impressed with the Knights play as of late. They need to overcome their Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit problem. The Cubs are still the favorite to win this district. Royal Oak is much improved. Berkley is as dangerous as anyone right now. They are a sleeper in this district. Detroit Renaissance is also solid as well. Detroit Mumford has no chance right now. This district will be tough to say the least. I think five teams have a shot to win this district.


District 26 @ North Farmington (Winner heads to Troy to play District 28 Winner)




Detroit Henry Ford

Livonia Stevenson


PROJECTED MPR: 1. North Farmington, 2. Detroit Henry Ford


FAVORITE: North Farmington

NEXT: Detroit Henry Ford

DARKHORSE: Livonia Stevenson

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Landon Williams-North Farmington

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a somewhat of a new district. Detroit Henry Ford comes into this district while Redford Thurston got moved to a different district. North Farmington should be the favorite after winning the district and making it to the regional semifinals but they fell in a tough one to Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit last season. The Raiders have been mentioned as a possible Division One State title contender with the proven experience coming back. North Farmington has Landon Willams, Prince Jackson, Vincent Lee, Lee Hardy, Ryan Hurst, Tyler Spratt, Donovan Williams, Dwayne Ray, Daemon Eubanks, Connor Childress, and Lamar Walls coming back for Coach Todd Negoshian. Farmington should be much improved after having a really challenging year last season. The Falcons have DeAndre Green, Tony Tobert, Nick Morgan, Chris Boyd, Logan Robinson, Jaden Turner, and Luke Donehue coming back for Coach Derrick McDowell. Southfield Arts and Tech has a lot of proven experience after struggling last season. The Warriors have Greg Davis, Davier Burt, Quantie Pryor, Ethan Taylor, Bryce Hewins, Kayel Sims, Nicholas Hardy, Matt Young, and Juwan Ramsey coming back for new coach Terrance Porter. Porter formally coached at Farmington and was an assistant for his brother TaJuan Porter at Harper Woods last season. Detroit Henry Ford has been a proven contender. They won 11 games last season under Coach Ken Flowers. The Trojans should be North Farmington’s toughest challenger in the district. They have proven players in Semaj Sanders, Antwon Davis, and Terrance Coker coming back. Livonia Stevenson went to the district finals falling to North Farmington last season. They won 12 games last season should be a sleeper in this district. The Spartans have Bailey Way, Dominick Jentzer, Nate Curtis, Maek Stein, Dylan McGlinch, Lucas Young, John Toth, and Chuck Davidek coming back for Coach Eoghann Stephens. The Raiders hosts this district for the second straight year but Detroit Henry Ford could give them fits, something to watch.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: No changes to this district. North Farmington is the favorite and has home court. Detroit Henry Ford will be the Raiders biggest challenger in the district. The Trojans already have a win over Bloomfield Hills. Farmington is not to be trusted in this district for a few reasons. Southfield Arts and Tech has been on and off with their play recently. Livonia Stevenson is still the darkhorse despite their struggles against the two top teams. As mentioned earlier, no changes for now.


District 27 @ Bloomfield Hills (Winner heads to Troy to play District 25 Winner)





Birmingham Brother Rice

Orchard Lake St. Marys


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Birmingham Brother Rice, 2. Bloomfield Hills


FAVORITE: Birmingham Brother Rice

NEXT: Bloomfield Hills

DARKHORSE: Orchard Lake St. Marys

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Curtis Williams-Birmingham Brother Rice

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is the same district as last season except that the location changed from West Bloomfield to Bloomfield Hills. Orchard Lake St. Marys is loaded after winning the district and making the State Quarterfinals where they were upset on a buzzer beater against Warren De LaSalle last season. They should be the favorite in the district for the second straight season. The Eaglets have Trey McKenny, Andrew Smith, Jayden Savoury, Isaiah Hines, Chase Tonnies, and Aidan Hanks coming back for Coach Todd Cobert. They have several players to watch in Brandon Thomas, Devon Lewis, Sharad Barnes, Geno Seets and Jack Janda as well but they have had several distractions including some off the court issues they are dealing with. Birmingham Brother Rice should be very interesting. They have a ton of proven experience and should be motivated after falling to Orchard Lake St. Marys in the district finals last season. The Warriors have Xavier Thomas, Henry Garrity, John Blackwell, Luke Salkowski, Warren Marshall, Quincy Twymon, Tom Labruzzy, Curtis Williams, Keithan Gilmore, and Chasr Van Ameyde coming back for Coach Ricky Palmer. They also have Logan Hamana as well. Bloomfield Hills is the wildcard in this district. They have the district’s best shooter. The Blackhawks have Noah Adamcyzk, CJ Jackson, Brandon Newland, Ahmad Taylor, Drew Wilson, and Henry Jackson coming back for new Coach Brian Canfield. Groves is very interesting. They have had a ton of ups and downs and have a new coach whom is very familiar with the program. The Falcons have Jack Abbott, Max Kramer, Elijah Yelder, Myles McClary, Brody Tushman, Josh Simpson, and Josh Gibson coming back for returning Coach Marc West. Seaholm has been always scrappy and mentally tough. The Maples have Ben Diskin, Findlay Sparby, Rishi Thota, Abe Miller, and Jeff Sheldon coming back for Coach Mike DeGeeter. West Bloomfield should be much improved after a rough year last season. They have a ton of proven experience. The Lakers have Jayden Jones, Evan Ammori, Andrew Shewcraft, Terrance Curry, Isiaiah Bryant, Tory James, Louis Johnson, and Mitchell Seay coming back for Coach Arnette Jordan. They have Cory Pittman in the program as well. This will be a very interesting district as mentioned but the Catholic League stands out but watch for West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: There are some big changes with this district. I can’t trust Orchard Lake St. Marys especially with the distractions they have right now. Birmingham Brother Rice is senior heavy and they look to be on a mission. Bloomfield Hills is a sleeper, I’ve liked the play of Drew Wilson, he is the perfect compliment to Noah Adamcyzk. West Bloomfield is a Jekyll and Hyde team. Groves has been off to a good start and could be a sleeper like Bloomfield Hills. Seaholm has been scrappy and has been playing better as of late. This will be a tough district as mentioned.


District 28 @ Sterling Heights Stevenson (Winner heads to Troy to play District 26 Winner)



Sterling Heights Stevenson

Utica Ford II



PROJECTED MPR: 1. Troy, 2. Utica



NEXT: Utica

DARKHORSE: Sterling Heights Stevenson

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Zach Penoza-Troy

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a newly created district that features three Macomb County schools and two Oakland County schools. Troy and Troy Athens enter this district with three Utica schools instead of dealing with the Warren area (Warren Cousino, Warren Mott, Warren Woods Tower, and Warren De LaSalle.) Troy should be the early favorite because of proven experience. They have really improved this summer and will look to continue that momentum this season. The Colts have Darius Whiteside, Jon Whiteside, Zach Penoza, Chase Kupier, Nate Liberty, Carter Cusmano, Kyle Parker, Bryce Parker, and Mason Parker coming back for Coach Gary Fralick. Troy Athens should be very interesting this season. They have been solid this summer and have been solid in the last few years. The Red Hawks has Doug Mersier, Evan Colquhoun, Alex Proefkee, Kyree Harper, Emmanuel Robinson, and Brogan Withun coming back for Coach Dave Scott. Sterling Heights Stevenson really struggled winning nine games last season. They have a ton of proven experience coming back. The Titans have Austin Akrawi, Joesph Sotto, Justin James, Sam Kashat, Graham James, Caden Bollinger, Amuwha Mazino, Ronaldo Yaldo, Kryan Ross, Alex Moratalla, Daron Bobbitt, Joseph Malak, and Luke Sesi coming back for Coach Jeff Becker. Utica really struggled winning seven games last season. They had some moments including an upset win over Romeo last season. The Chieftains have Logan Davis, Mason Brodi, Trent McFarland, Sebastian Soriano, Jack Malone, Nick Bosilkovski, Nathan Silver and Austin Lemerise coming back for Coach David Hinkle. Utica Ford II should be much improved after having a challenging year last season. The Falcons have Dakari Rogers, Aaron Johnson, Diego Harden, Carson Strumn, Eli Miller, Gavin Gugliemetti, and Maid Kurjakovic coming back for former West Bloomfield coach Jeremy Dehna. Troy should be the favorite as mentioned but Sterling Heights Stevenson and Troy Athens should have strong says.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: I’ve been very impressed with Utica, I didn’t think the Chieftains had it in them. They did beat Sterling Heights Stevenson which is a big deal. I don’t think they will beat Troy in a district. The Colts have proven experience and proven talent. Sterling Heights Stevenson is a darkhorse. The Titans have a solid big man and a few good shooters. Troy Athens has been on and off but they could make some noise. Utica Ford II is well coached but is struggling right now. With this district, Troy is still favored to win this district but Sterling Heights Stevenson and Utica will be their toughest challengers.


District 59 @ Hazel Park (Winner heads to Hazel Park to play District 57 Winner)



Hazel Park

Detroit Lincoln King Academy

Detroit Old Redford


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Ferndale, 2. Ferndale University


FAVORITE: Ferndale

NEXT: Ferndale University

DARKHORSE: Detroit Lincoln King Academy

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Chris Williams-Ferndale

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a very difficult district to say the least when looking at the teams that are here. Ferndale went to the Division Two State Semifinals the last two years. They have a pretty strong team and program despite losing their two top players. The Eagles have Cameron Reed, Chris Williams, Caleb Renfroe, Maurice Booth, and Trenton Ruth coming back for Coach Juan Rickman. Ferndale also added a transfer in Jayden Hardiman whom was an all Detroit Free Press player at Warren Mott last season. Detroit Old Redford won 11 games last season. The Ravens have really toughened up their schedule for Coach Rashad Reeves. Ferndale University is a sleeper in this district. They have really improved winning seven games and will look to take the next step as a program. The Eagles have Chris Kendrix, Semaj McGhee, Rasheed Jones, Semaj Clark, Cordae McAllister, Antione Owens, Pierce Sanders, Jonathan King, Zakaria Smith, Antione Owens, and Damir Orr coming back for Coach Josh Nicks. Hazel Park is the weakest team in this district. They won three games last season. The Vikings should be better under Coach DeAndre Thomas. Detroit Lincoln King Academy won 14 games last season. The Wolves have a ton of proven experience coming back for Coach Chris Covington. This should be a really tough district. Whoever wins this district and gets home court will be in line for a very competitive district.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This district is still Ferndale’s to lose despite their early season struggles but they have seemed to turn things around a little bit. Ferndale University has really impressed me and is on the NEXT column. Detroit Lincoln King Academy has been very disappointing. Hazel Park has struggled. Detroit Old Redford Academy has really struggled. This district as mentioned if the Eagles are playing really well then they could make another postseason run.


District 30 @ Grosse Pointe North (Winner heads to Macomb Dakota to play District 32 Winner)


Grosse Pointe North

Grosse Pointe South


St. Clair Shores Lakeview


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Grosse Pointe North, 2. Grosse Pointe South


FAVORITE: Grosse Pointe North

NEXT: Grosse Pointe South

DARKHORSE: Harper Woods

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Julian Young-Harper Woods

EARLY THOUGHTS: This is a very interesting district which saw four teams that are in the district that won more than 10 games last season. Roseville should be the early favorite in this district. They won 13 games but fell to eventual Division One State Champions Warren De LaSalle in the district finals last season. The Panthers have Brian Hunter, Amonti Greene, AJ Scott, Todario Payne and Isiah Mays coming back for Coach Greg Boler. Grosse Pointe North started very well early but went 1-10 in their last 11 games including falling to Hamtramck in the first round last season. The Norseman has Adam Ayrault coming back for new coach Rob Johnson. Johnson was an assistant under Coach Vance Kirkwood at Rochester for one season. Grosse Pointe South won 11 games last season. The Blue Devils have Donovan Moody, Noah Stiyer, Karter Richards, Tommy Maccagnone, Griffin Adams, Brady Kennedy, and Alex English coming back for Coach Stephen Benard. St. Clair Shores Lakeview won 11 games last season. They should be in the mix after falling in a heartbreaker to St. Clair Shores Lake Shore in the first round last season. The Huskies has Matthew Ritter, Austin Stockett, Keonte Woolf, Tyler Griffin, Charrone Gordon, Bryce Ong, Easton Demeulenarere, and Zavier Hassan coming back for Coach John Carr. Harper Woods comes up from Division Two this offseason. They won a district crown in their first season in the OAA last season. The Pioneers have Julian Young, Stephone Buford, Isiah Lewis, and DeAndre Williams coming back for Coach TuJuan Porter. This should be a very interesting district as mentioned but three teams really stand out for now.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This is a tough district. Grosse Pointe North is the favorite and have been playing very well. Grosse Pointe South has also been playing pretty well as of late. Harper Woods is the leader in the Gold and a sleeper despite the odds against them. St. Clair Shores Lakeview is not a bad team and could surprise some folks. Roseville has really struggled. This is a tough district as mentioned but four teams have a shot to win this district.

Here is the Boys Basketball Districts from the MHSAA Website