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Cub Scout Day Camp returns to Agawam

Cub scouts from across southeastern Michigan returned to Orion Township’s Camp Agawam for
Day Camp in late July, more than doubling the attendance of the event in 2021.
“This is a milestone to be proud of as we build this thing back up after COVID,” Keegan
Springfield, a field director for Scouting’s local Michigan Crossroads Council, said.

Over 100 elementary-age youth participated in this year’s “wild west” themed camp, along with
their siblings and parents. Twenty-four older youth staff from the Scouts BSA program also
supervised the games and activities. Many have volunteered to put on the program for years.
“I like to staff Day Camp because I get to meet people from different troops in the area,” Nick
McKinnon, 14, said. “I remember when I was a Cub Scout, and the staff made Day Camp a lot
more fun.”

Scouts learned how to make paper, shot BB guns and tried to “herd” beach balls. Other summer
mainstays like swimming and fishing also featured. Several scouts caught their first fish on
Tommy’s Lake, and one excited youth attested that a large fish had snapped his pole.

The increase in Day Camp attendance coincides with a marked growth in membership of the
national organization during 2022. With 35,789 more youth in the summer of 2022 than the
previous year, the Boy Scouts of America is outpacing its own projections. The growth is most
apparent in the Cub Scout program, which experienced a spike of 15.5% more active youth.
Cub Scouts teaches young people grades K-5 perseverance and develops their problem-solving
abilities, according to the Boy Scouts of America. It allows youth to develop foundations in
leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through fun activities involving parents and guardians.

To learn more about local Scouting, visit or call the local office at (947) 886-5736.

A Cub Scout pulls a fish from Tommy’s Lake            Campers participate in a team-building exercise

Theo Foss jokingly “rides” a pool noodle horse                        Campers “herd” beach balls