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Orion Neighborhood Television is your community media outlet. If you live in the Orion Township area we can teach you how to create your own television program or crew on staff produced programs. 




   Ian Locke

Executive Director

Award Winning Community Media Center in The Heart of Orion Township  


Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV), has been the “best kept secret” in Lake Orion for over 30 years. Providing valuable, hyper local programming to residents of all ages and interests, ONTV is woven into all aspects of, well…”Orion Living”. 

If there is local news, Dragon sports, concerts, parades, or festivals… ONTV cameras are there to document and share these events. Partnerships with our local newspapers, businesses, and government agencies, help us inform, enlighten, and entertain our viewers. 

ONTV’s award winning Community Media Center located at the Orion Center on Joslyn Road, is a fully functioning modern television studio that is open to the public. Residents of all ages have taken classes, attended video camps, produced podcasts, and hosted countless television shows. 

Access to media production equipment, with the necessary training, gives residents an avenue to exercise their first amendment rights. ONTV has the means to distribute these diverse points of view around the globe.

Current and Looking Forward

Your information needs are always evolving and ONTV works hard to keep up with the changing times. Are you looking for accurate and reliable news feeds from state, county, and local sources? ONTV has them on our newsblog at OrionONTV.org. Are you looking for government and school board meetings that televise your elected officials in action? ONTV has those too.

Programming from ONTV is available on all current media platforms. ROKU, Apple-TV, and Amazon Fire streaming services all carry ONTV’s live streams and video on-demand files. Comcast Xfinity channels 10, 20, and 22, and AT&T U-verse channel 99, air ONTV’s three community channels 24/7.

Social media outlets are also used to distribute local information. When you follow ONTV on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel, you will be notified when new programming is uploaded. Search “OrionONTV” to connect to all of our resources.

New Technology Coming Online

The pandemic made ONTV retool our operations to better serve the Lake Orion community. We found areas where we could improve the viewing experience on all of our distribution platforms. Launching in late summer/early fall is our closed captioning service for the hearing impaired and hearing diminished. Live captioning of government meetings, and captioning of all ONTV edited programming, was made possible by the CARES Act through Oakland County. Without this grant, captioning would have been years away. 

Expanding our reach into the community is important to us. With technology grants provided through the Orion Community Cable Communications Commission (OCCCC) who oversees ONTV’s operations, the new Orion Township Hall facility will have modern media and communications connections to reduce critical network connectivity outages.

ONTV has also worked with the Lake Orion Schools to update the sound systems in their performing arts center and helped them expand network connections to their sports facilities. This will allow ONTV to better televise games, and student musical performances.

The Orion Cable Commission and ONTV in the last eight years have helped facilitate over $560,000 in technology grants to the Orion Township Public Library, Lake Orion High School, Orion Township, and the Village of Lake Orion.

These grants keep residents informed and connected to their government agencies. They also help high school students learn a trade and excel in college media programs.

Thirty years of community television and community service. Stop in and tour the station at 1349 Joslyn Rd. at the Orion Center. We’ll help you Create, Communicate, and Connect with not only Lake Orion, but the world.

Ian Locke 

Executive Director, ONTV

Community Access Television

Serving the Orion community of over 30 years!

ONTV on location

ONTV’s production crew can be seen throughout the community covering news, high school sports, concerts and special events.


Ian Locke

Ian Locke

Executive Director

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

Studio Manager

Tessa Penzien

Tessa Penzien

Production Manager

Tracy Marsh

Tracy Marsh

Administrative Assistant

Joey Tysick

Joey Tysick

Production Coordinator

Becky Andrus

Becky Andrus

Outreach Coordinator

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