Orion Neighborhood Television is your community media outlet. Our mission is to empower community members and groups to create, communicate and connect through television and video production!

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Congratulations to our 2022 Volunteer Award Recipients!

Spirit of Public Access

“Scouting On Air”

Boy Scouts Post 1 – Michigan Crossroads Council

Producer of the Year

“Ideas and Insights”

Badrinath Rao

Volunteer of the Year

Steve and Dorinda Balanecki

Podcast of the Year

“Tea with Tracy”

Tracy Woodrum

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If you live in the Orion Township area we can teach you how to create your own television program or crew on staff produced programs. We offer training on studio and field equipment, workshops for lighting, editing, and much more.

Contact ONTV to see how you can be a part of one of the most active media centers in the state of Michigan.