Boys Basketball Top 23.

Written Saturday March 4th at 11:00 PM

These are the final Boys Basketball Top 23 for the regular season.

  1. North Farmington (19-1): Raiders rolling with confidence into the postseason.
  2. Ferndale (14-8): Eagles gearing up for hopefully a run in Division Two.
  3. Adams (13-8): Highlanders have some momentum despite loss to North Farmington.
  4. West Bloomfield (15-6): Lakers have a really tough test looming in the postseason.
  5. Groves (16-6): Marc West has done a very good job with the Falcons in his first year back.
  6. Troy (16-6): Colts better beware of Utica in the district semifinals.
  7. Oak Park (11-7): Knights struggling a little bit heading into a very tough district.
  8. Bloomfield Hills (15-7): Blackhawks have a really tough test looming in the postseason.
  9. Harper Woods (15-7): Pioneers have a very interesting matchup with Grosse Pointe North looming.
  10. Clarkston (13-9): Wolves should be fine in their district.
  11. Lake Orion (11-11): Dragons have played a tough schedule this season.
  12. Seaholm (12-10): Maples won the Blue with a strong 2023.
  13. Oxford (13-9): Wildcats have some confidence heading into the postseason.
  14. Troy Athens (11-9): Red Hawks have no momentum heading into the postseason.
  15. Berkley (14-8): Bears staring at Detroit University-Detroit Jesuit in the district semifinals.
  16. Royal Oak (13-8): Ravens have a very tough matchup with Detroit Renaissance looming.
  17. Stoney Creek (3-18): Cougars have no momentum heading into the postseason.
  18. Rochester (5-17): Max Mohl has been very impressive lately.
  19. Farmington (6-15): Falcons are in a very tough spot without Jaden Turner.
  20. Southfield Arts and Tech (9-13): Warriors have no momentum heading in the postseason.
  21. Avondale (10-12): Yellow Jackets are a wildcard in their district.
  22. Ferndale University (9-12): Eagles have been inconsistent heading into the postseason.
  23. Pontiac (3-18): Phoenix have really struggled heading into the postseason.