The survey says… Michigan roads are improving

On this week’s Talking Michigan Transportation podcast, a conversation with Richard Czuba, a veteran Michigan pollster and founder of the Glengariff Group.

Listen now:

TMT - The survey

A recent poll commissioned by his clients, The Detroit News and WDIV-TV, included some questions to measure Michigan voter perceptions of road conditions and repairs.

Among issues discussed:

  • What drives perceptions of road conditions. Is it mostly informed by how rough the pavement is on the street where a person lives or a local arterial or freeway used for commuting?
  • Demographic breakdowns in the polling and differences in perception by gender and age group.
  • Czuba’s research over the years and his conclusions about why people might be expressing more optimism about road work in Michigan.
  • Perceptions of the Rebuilding Michigan bonding plan.

As Czuba told the Detroit News when the poll was released: “It’s a perfect example of the voters aren’t stupid — they can actually make sense of what the issues are, who’s doing what.”