OAA Top Ten Sports Traditions

Written Saturday June 4th at 2:30 AM
By Sammy Taormina

Every school has their tradition in every sport. This is what makes high school sports one of the greatest traditions in our lifetimes. Here are some noticeable traditions around the OAA.

The Deer-Head (Troy): When going to a Colts sporting event, the deer head always finds a way to make an appearance. The deer head is named Canela. Now there are some detractors to say why the deer head is at Troy games. Here is an article describing the traditional deer head.


The Soldiers of Fortune (Rochester): The Falcons student section for games is called “The Soldiers of Fortune.” Rochester students bring out a pirate flag which is their main logo. The students go all in and cheer on their Falcons during games. The flag and the students is what makes the tradition continue now and into the future.


The Jungle (Clarkston): Pretty much during a boys basketball game, “the Jungle” is out in full force making things miserable for opponents whether at Clarkston High School or on the road. The students usually dress in camouflage which has been the tradition however they have changed things up in the past. The Jungle is one of the best student sections in the State.

“Enter Sandman” (Lake Orion): When Bob Brydges took over the Lake Orion Girls Basketball program in 2018. His teams always came out to “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa when he was at Bloomfield Hills Lahser. Brydges thought of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica as the Dragons entrance. Whenever that music hits the Dragons are not that far behind.

The Highlander Bang Pipes (Adams): When going to an Adams sporting event there is someone that is in Highlanders attire. He would play his Scottish bang pipes whether it is on the football field or on the basketball court before the team comes out. It has been a tradition at Adams. It is an awesome tradition to see at Highlanders home games.

Dragon Banner (Lake Orion): The Dragons have one of the best traditions is the Dragon banner where the football players run down the tunnel to touch the banner while cheerleaders and dance team lead the charge while the Marching Band plays “Push On” (Dragons school song.) The Dragon faithful is on their feet cheering the team with some of them painted up while the Dragon Moms make the tunnel with two others hold the banner for the players to touch when they come on the field. It’s a great tradition for the players to do for every home game.

American Flag (Clarkston): The Wolves have one of the best traditions in football. They come out of their tunnel with one of the players holding the American Flag while another has the Clarkston flag and everyone else touches the Clarkston football banner. One of the best traditions in football as mentioned.

Wildcat head (Oxford): This is a new tradition started at Oxford in the last two years. The Wildcats usually announce the offensive starters during the pre-game. Oxford players walk the long path down the hill to the south end of the field but now there is a Wildcat head with smoke leading them to the field. The Wildcats have one of their players running with an American Flag while another player has the Oxford O they run with to the field. It’s a great tradition and a strong symbol of Oxford football.

Warriors Marching Band (Southfield Arts and Tech): The Warriors band is one of the best bands in the OAA. They are on the south side of the field. Some folks want to see the band play along with the varsity team.


Cougars Football Entrance (Stoney Creek): The Cougars football entrance is one of the most interesting in sports. Their football stadium is like a dome so the players have to walk the home bleachers to come to the football field. It’s a unique entrance but the Stoney Creek faithful, coaches, and players know how to make things work.