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Monday, July 19, 2021

Girls Basketball Districts are Out 2022.

Written Monday July 19th at 4:20 PM

Hello everyone these are the Girls Basketball Districts that are being released with insight. If coaches want their comments on the blog please DM me on Twitter or go on my email. This blog will be updated often.

District 4 at Davison



Flint Kearsley

Grand Blanc



PROJECTED MPR: 1. Grand Blanc, 2. Davison.

FAVORITE: Grand Blanc

NEXT: Davison


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Taylor Thompson-Grand Blanc.

INSIGHT: This is going to be a tough district for Oxford going back into Genesee County after having an interesting experience last season. The Wildcats whom is one of the favorites in the White have Miranda Wymenkio, Peyton Richter, Kayla Casper, Lily Morris, Brady Elling, and Lexie Yankee coming back for Coach Rachel Bryer. The Saginaw Valley League is one of the most toughest leagues in the state and three of those teams should be solid again. Davison is the host of the district and they bring with them a talented team although depth will be a question mark. The Cardinals should be solid led by Olivia Dirkse and Jasmine Hadley for Coach Craig Hitchcock. Grand Blanc whom won 12 games last season is the favorite in the district. The Bobcats are loaded despite falling to Flushing in the regional semifinals last season. Grand Blanc has Taylor Thompson, Anayah Small, Rachel Gaydos, and Chelsea Bishop coming back for Coach Mike Thomas. Lapeer had a very young team last season but should be improved led by Paige Erla for Coach Mike Butterfield. Flint Kearsley should be interesting as they could be a contender in the Flint Metro League. The Hornets ha a young team last season for Coach Traci Pigott. This district looks to be a three team district but it’s anyone’s to take.



District 5 at Lake Orion






Utica Eisenhower


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Stoney Creek, 2. Lake Orion.

FAVORITE: Stoney Creek

NEXT: Lake Orion

DARKHORSE: Utica Eisenhower

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Sydney LaPrarie-Stoney Creek.

INSIGHT: This is shaping up to be a very interesting district at Lake Orion. Utica Eisenhower should be interesting to watch in the Macomb Area Red division this season. The Eagles has three solid players in Ava Stack, Jennifer McWerty, and Kaitlyn Woodcox coming back for Coach Clint Piper. Romeo should be interesting to watch in the Macomb Area Conference White. The Bulldogs have Cassidy Banich, Reese Carmondy, Amanda Kitchen, Sarah Ross, Nicole Mazur, and Megan Doyle for Coach Katy Bosheers. Rochester lost a ton of talent from last season but they have always been a solid program. The Falcons have Natalie Rayce, Melina Troy, and Abbey Pleasant coming back for Coach Bill Thurston. Adams which had a coaching change this offseason should be interesting to watch. The Highlanders have Madison Kessman, Abby Drahnak, AnJuyna Howard, Emma Klott, Samantha Blaine, Olivia Marcial, and Abby Skiff coming back for Coach Joe Malburg. Stoney Creek has a ton of proven experience along with Red experience. The Cougars have Sydney LaPrarie, Sarah LaPrarie, Mia Carson, Emily Flynn, Milana Skoric, Riley Binfet, Lily Solek, Ella Demertal, and Paris Kramer for Coach Kellen James. Lake Orion is an interesting team and is one of the favorites in the White. They are also loaded with Maddie Ebbert, Kylie Heck, Chloe Wiegers, Reagan Greene, Olivia Peplowski, and Audrey Wischmeyer for Coach Bob Brydges. The Dragons are without Katie Van Heck as she is out for the season with a torn ACL. This is shaping up for now being a three team district but two in reality but you never know.



District 6 at Waterford Kettering




Waterford Kettering

Waterford Mott


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Clarkston, 2. Waterford Kettering

FAVORITE: Clarkston

NEXT: Waterford Kettering


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Reigan Lawrence-Avondale.

INSIGHT: This district looks to be a mismatch on paper in Waterford. Waterford Kettering is going to be very interesting. The Captains have a ton of experience coming back in Markayla Holland, Amalia Vamvakitis, Savanagh Labo, Malayna Schoof, Graciela Lovett, Ellianna Ball, and Abby Hayward for Coach George Yarberry. Waterford Mott had things very rough but they should be better with more experience. The Corsairs have Makyah Henderson, Abby Trombly, Kelsey Palmer, Madison Winters, among others for Coach Michelle Sklar. Avondale should be very interesting to watch all season long as they could be a contender in the Gold. The Yellow Jackets really struggled last season however they should be better this season despite having major concerns. Avondale has two transfers from Dayton, Ohio along with Reigan Lawrence, and Savannah Schmidt for Coach Roy Christmon. Pontiac did not field a team last season for Coach Christopher Wright so it will be interesting to see what they have. The favorite is Clarkston and it’s not even close. The Wolves had an interesting offseason which saw a coaching change. Clarkston has Maddy Skourpski, Izzy Hadley, Ava Hernandez, Kierra Tomlie, Sophia Walker, Emerson Wood, Mia Zorski, Emily Valenca, and Lena Eblencamp for Coach Aaron Goodnough. This district is the Wolves to lose.



District 26 at Detroit Renaissance




Detroit Mumford

Detroit Renaissance


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Detroit Renaissance, 2. Detroit Mumford.

FAVORITE: Detroit Renaissance

NEXT: Berkley


PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Ashley Loon-Berkley.

INSIGHT: It was a great year for Detroit Renaissance getting back to the Division One State Finals before losing to Hudsonville. The Phoenix should be solid again not only in this district but in the Detroit Public School League as well. They have Azaria Huggins, Kiyla Brooks, Nevaeh Wood, Harmonie Bolton, Makayla Coleman, Marhea Bradshaw, Makayla Johnson, Christian Sanders, Imani Johnson, Nyana Pharr, and Aubrey Johnson coming back for Coach Shane Lawal. Detroit Mumford should be very interesting to see. The Mustangs had a strong team last season for Coach Kareem Hogan. Royal Oak lost a ton of talent last season. The Ravens Maddie Hines and Danica Schmidt coming back for Coach Brian Sopota. Both of them saw postseason experience after the entire varsity team was out because of COVID-19 last season. Berkley made the district finals last season and will look to have a repeat performance again. The Bears have Ashley Loon, Ava Beard, Aurora Sousanis, and Sammi Withrow coming back for Coach Kirk Carolan. Oak Park made the district finals last season but the Knights will have something in the works for Coach Peggy Evans-Carr. This district has Detroit Renaissance written all over it but keep an eye on Berkley and Royal Oak.



District 27 at Farmington Hills Mercy



Farmington Hills Mercy

Livonia Stevenson

Redford Thurston


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Farmington Hills Mercy, 2. Livonia Stevenson.

FAVORITE: Farmington Hills Mercy

NEXT: Livonia Stevenson

DARKHORSE: Southfield Arts and Tech

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Maya White-Farmington Hills Mercy.

INSIGHT: This should be an interesting district to watch. Farmington lost a ton of talent from last season but Coach Laura Guzman has Autumn Bartlett coming back which should help. Southfield Arts and Tech is an interesting team to keep an eye on as they have Jalyn Austin coming back for Coach Shaquita Coltrane. Livonia Stevenson is an interesting team to keep a close eye on. The Spartans won 11 games last season. The Spartans have Kerry Donehue, Aubrie Ickes, Kaitlyn Wilmonth, Rachel Schornack, Gracie Shahu, Kalaia Jackson, Shea Hannigan, Jenna McWilliams, and Scarlett Webster coming back for Coach Kareem Smart. Redford Thurston should be interesting to watch. They won six games last season. The Eagles have Skylar Tulloss and Marionna Greene coming back for Coach Bob Ostrowski. Farmington Hills Mercy won 14 games last season falling to Detroit Renaissance in the regional finals. The Marlins have Francesca DeNardo, Grace Knittel, Carley Goebel, Sarah Cunnigham, Ava Lorraine, Lauren Smiley, Maya White, and Sophia Dugas coming back for Coach Gary Morris. This is shaping up to be an interesting district to  see.



District 28 at West Bloomfield






Birmingham Marian


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Birmingham Marian, 2. West Bloomfield.

FAVORITE: Birmingham Marian

NEXT: West Bloomfield

DARKHORSE: North Farmington

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: McKenzie Swanson-Birmingham Marian.

INSIGHT: This is going to be the toughest district in the State in my opinion especially with the teams that are in here at West Bloomfield. Birmingham Marian is the favorite in the Catholic League. The Mustangs are very talented as well with Sarah Sylvester, McKenzie Swanson, Isabella Prezzato, Anna Herberholz, Maria Hesano, Abigail Luchessi, Ellie Ervin, and Grace Rotter coming back for Coach Mary Ciceronne. West Bloomfield has a talented group which should be the favorite in the Red for Coach Bert Mosley. The Lakers have Sydney Hendrix, Kendall Hendrix, Mya Hooper, Indya Davis, and Summer Davis coming back after missing out on the postseason because of COVID-19 protocols last season. Bloomfield Hills will be very interesting to watch. The Blackhawks should be improved with Amelia McCourt, Grace Main, Jessica Finney, and Ashley Forner coming back for Coach Kristen Massey. North Farmington is going to be very interesting as their boys and girls teams are in different districts and they should be improved. The Raiders have Sela Lefler, and Penelope Creary coming back for Coach Jeff Simpson. Seaholm should be interesting to watch not only in the Gold but in the district as well. The Maples have Shay Manchester, Kate Sullivan, Clara Guffey, and Annie Boogren coming back for Coach Chris Manchester. Groves has gone through a ton of changes this offseason. They have Jordan Peterson, Lily Gallagher, and Cira Racco coming back for Coach Allison Hidey. This should be a fun district as mentioned, there are plenty of good teams that are here in this district that’s for sure.



District 29 at Troy



Warren Cousino

Warren Woods Tower


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Troy, 2. Warren Cousino.


NEXT: Troy Athens

DARKHORSE: Warren Cousino

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Charlotte Sobotka-Troy.

INSIGHT: Are the Colts for real, this district looks very winnable for them after three disappointing postseason exits they have this district made for them to get to the regionals. Troy has home court and are loaded with talent in Kendal Zeiter, Charlotte Sobotka, Alyssa Matuza (even though she’s out for the season-ACL,) and Mia Valiotis coming back for Coach Julius Porter. Troy Athens should be the Colts biggest challenger in this district. The Red Hawks are loaded with Gillian Ciak, Ellie Musko, CeCe Fey, Aarushi Lockdale, Jordyn Doyle, and Skylar Emerson coming back for Coach Stacie Klumpp.  Warren Woods Tower really struggled last season winning four games despite being in the Macomb Area Conference Silver division. The Titans have Nikki Lavely, Corissa McCain, Arianna Jordan, and Delliah Mathews coming back for Coach Brian Socia. Warren Cousino is a darkhorse to watch in this district. They won 11 games last season and is in the Macomb Area Conference Red division. The Patriots have some proven experience in Kiara Williams, Twyla Parker, Ra’lyja Bridges, Julia Hopkins, Sydney Dixon, Mia Mixon, Emily Stevenson, Chloe Sakalas, and Jenna Smith coming back for Coach Amy Mitchell. Troy has things made but better be careful of the Red Hawks and Patriots.



District 58 at TBA



Birmingham Detroit Country Day

Detroit Jalen Rose Academy

Detroit Old Redford Academy


PROJECTED MPR: 1. Birmingham Detroit Country Day, 2. Ferndale University.

FAVORITE: Birmingham Detroit Country Day

NEXT: Ferndale University

DARKHORSE: Detroit Old Redford Academy

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Jaidyn Elam-Birmingham Detroit Country Day.

INSIGHT: This is not a strong district as people think. Birmingham Detroit Country Day had a great season going 17-3 last season and making it to the MHSAA Division Two Semifinals before falling to Newaygo. The Yellow Jackets have Jaidyn Elam, Emma Arico, and Aysia Yokely coming back for second year coach Jerica Williams. Ferndale did not field a team last season and are looking for a new coach. Detroit Old Redford Academy didn’t field a team last season. Detroit Jalen Rose Academy didn’t field a team last season. Ferndale University should be very interesting to watch. The Eagles have some talent coming back for Coach Desdan Hester. This district looks to be a mismatch on paper.



District 60 at TBA


Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy

Detroit Denby

Detroit Osborn


St. Clair Shores South Lake

PROJECTED MPR: 1. Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy, 2. Harper Woods.

FAVORITE: Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy

NEXT: Harper Woods

DARKHORSE: Eastpointe

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Kendall Kelly-Harper Woods

INSIGHT: This is shaping up to be an interesting district with whomever hosts this district. Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy won 11 games last season and is deemed the favorite in this district for Coach David Mann. Detroit Osborn really struggled last season only winning two games for Coach Tenetia Pulliam. St. Clair Shores South Lake really struggled going 3-8 last season for Coach Wilbur Jones. Eastpointe won 10 games last season for Coach Daniel Kirkland. Detroit Denby won six games last season. The Tars have the majority of their team coming back for Coach Marnina Sullivan. Harper Woods won seven games last season. They are entering a new league being one of the favorites in the Gold. The Pioneers have Kendall Kelsey, Mya Duncan, Shatyra Harris, Clarita Childs, Clearia Peterson, and Destiny Bealey coming back for Coach Paul Allen. This should be an interesting district to say the least.