ONTV Feature Writer: Sammy Taromina

Things this basketball season hasn’t gone the rosiest at Lake Orion.

The Dragons Boys and Girls Basketball teams sit at a combined 8-15 thus far but the two basketball teams are in much different places right now.

The boys have a new coach in Joel Schroeder who came from Pontiac after a successful stint coaching the Phoenix. Schroeder has done a very good job with this young group despite the 4-7 record. There has been a ton of progress and the work ethic is very strong. Effort is not an issue surrounding the program. The problem that Schroder and his team faces is that they are clearly in the wrong division. The boys play in the Red and have to go up against the likes of North Farmington, Clarkston, West Bloomfield, Ferndale, Oak Park, and Bloomfield Hills on a consistent basis. This is something that the players or Schroeder can control this season. They also still have to play Flint Carman Ainsworth and Seaholm which will be very tough games.

It wouldn’t surprise me next season that the boys move down to the White. It will help their confidence and mental sickie also it will further help Schroeder develop the program. They have a ton of experience coming back which always helps.

In the girls side of things, the program has had a ton of turnover since the 2015 season. Bob Brydges is the team’s fourth coach in five years and is in his second year coaching the program. Brydges has a very young team with two freshman and a sophomore starting at the guard spots. This team has had several problems this season which resulted in some really bad losses. The first problem is that they make very bad decisions which leads to very easy baskets for opponents (turnovers, bad shot selection, etc.) Effort along with their inability to score have been problematic. This team is 2-6 in games where they score under 40 points and 2-2 when they score over 40 points.

What helps this season’s team going forward is still there are some winnable games on the schedule however some of those games that were winnable they couldn’t get this season.

Program strength is very strong in the girls especially with this freshman and sophomore classes on the rise but looking at this current team right now with the record they sit at a trip down from the White to the Blue is possible but if this team starts winning league games then they could stay in the White.

The girls do have the majority of their team coming back next season.

I would say to both programs is to stay patient. I think both basketball programs are heading in the right direction but there are certain kinks that need to be fixed. There is a ton of talent in the sub varsity ranks and both programs have quality and proven winning coaches.

Right now this season hasn’t been the greatest in Lake Orion but change is hopefully coming for the better.

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